[Efficacy and Function of Bansu Bubble Wine]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Efficacy and Function of Bansu Bubble Wine]_Benefits_Inevitable

Chestnut is a common food in life and contains very rich nutrients.

There are many ways to eat chestnut. Most people often eat it directly. In addition, some people use chestnut to make wine.

The combination of chestnut and white wine is very good, and the nutritional effect is particularly obvious. The chestnut sparkling wine has a significant effect and function, but there are also many places to pay attention to when accompanied, and methods and capacity can be used.

1. Nutritional effect Chestnut sparkling wine combines the effects of both chestnut and white wine, which can play the effects of nourishing the kidney and spleen, activating blood and nourishing the stomach, and in general, can play a role in strengthening the body.

Eating chestnut raw has a certain effect on improving kidney function, and raw chestnut sparkling wine has a certain effect on treating male impotence and premature ejaculation, but it needs to be persisted, and it should not be used in large quantities.

For the average person, the daily allowable amount should not exceed 50ml.

2. Precautions Although chestnut sparkling wine has a certain effect on improving the condition of kidney deficiency, do not think that it will have obvious effects in a short time, so a scientific and reasonable diet is necessary.

In addition, in fact, the nutrient content of chestnut that can be dissolved in wine is very limited, so in practice, chestnut sparkling wine does not help much to improve sexual dysfunction, but chestnut itself should not be eaten more and the wineShould not drink more.

3, other to improve the condition of impotence and premature ejaculation can not be improved by eating one or more foods alone. A balanced and healthy diet is required. You must develop good eating habits every day.

In addition, men with impotence and premature ejaculation should quit smoking, drink less alcohol, strengthen exercise, and ensure good sleep habits. Only by comprehensively conditioning from all aspects of life can we effectively solve the problems of physical fitness.

[Can the persimmon be eaten with the skin]_Can you_Can you

[Can the persimmon be eaten with the skin]_Can you_Can you

Many foods that people eat can have different parts. Some eat roots, some eat fruits, and some eat flowers.

Some vegetables and fruits can only eat pulp, and some foods can be eaten from the face, belt, or even the kernels.

Persimmon is a common fruit that can be eaten dried or eaten directly. It can also be eaten after freezing.

If it is dried, can it be eaten with the skin?

First, can the persimmon be eaten with the skin?

The reasons are as follows: 1. Because the implanted acid in persimmon is concentrated in the skin too much, it is impossible to remove all of the implanted acid when the persimmon is astringent. If eaten together, it is easier to form stomach persimmon stones, especiallyIt is because when the astringent process is not perfect, the skin contains more precipitated acid.

2. The skin of persimmon is relatively thick, and the taste is not very good. Moreover, it is likely that there are pesticide residues on the skin of persimmon. Even skin eating has a bad effect on the body, especially for young children.Can’t even eat with skin.

Second, how to peel the persimmon 1. Select the ripe and soft persimmon, carefully remove the persimmon stalks, and after exposing the flesh, alternately prick the small opening with your nails, and you can directly suck or eat with a spoon., You can also peel the peel gently and eat.

2. Use a knife to draw a cross-shaped edge on both sides of the persimmon. Put the persimmon in a boiling water pot and cook for two minutes. The place where the cross is marked will crack. Gently tear the persimmon along the cracked area.Will easily cancel.

Third, precautions for eating persimmons 1. It is best not to eat persimmons on an empty stomach. Our stomach acid secretion increases and the concentration is high at this time. Persimmons contain a lot of tannins and gums, and some have astringent ingredients.If it is fused with the high concentration in our gastric juice, the chance will lead to stones. At this time, the stones may be inserted into the pylorus and increase the gastric pressure, which will cause us to have bloating and stomach pain. If the situation is serious, it may cause stomach stones and the stomach.Some serious complications such as ulcers and stomach bleeding appear.

2. I believe that eating a lot of persimmons contains a lot of sugars. If you eat too many persimmons, our teeth and oral cavity will be adversely affected, and it may also affect our appetite.

In addition, the effect of the implanted acid in persimmons on the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements in the human body can easily lead to malnutrition in our body.

3. It is believed that eating persimmon peel together with the persimmon peel is the main place where acid deposits exist. If you eat it together, it may increase the chances of some diseases such as abdominal pain and nausea.

4. Persimmons cannot be eaten with crabs. After eating persimmons and crabs together, it will inhibit our body’s own digestive juice secretion and affect our own health.

In addition, persimmons and crabs are both cold foods. After eating, they have aggravating effects on the increase of gastrointestinal diseases, so do not eat them together.

5, persimmons cannot eat tannins in persimmons with sweet potatoes, cellulose and other fermented sweet potatoes. If they are together in the stomach, it will cause rapid precipitation of tannins, which will affect the normal function of the human stomach.Severe cases may cause intestinal obstruction.

6. Persimmons cannot be eaten with seafood. The feed acids contained in persimmons can precipitate with the protein and calcium salts of fish and shrimp in seafood. This precipitate will stimulate our internal organs.Easy to cause disease.

Some symptoms such as nausea and constipation.

[Efficacy of boiled eggs with pure milk]_Boiled eggs with pure milk_Benefits_Function

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Zhongtai Securities-Short-term evasion in two areas with limited index adjustment (with gold shares)

Zhongtai Securities: Short-term evasion in two areas with limited index adjustment (with gold shares)

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Sources of Zhongtai Securities ‘February industry views and key recommended targets: Zhongtai Securities’ February configuration view: Fearless impact, calmly review: Our view in January is that the wind is continuing, and we should follow the trend and think that the market will continue in DecemberThe return of risk appetite. In January, the market performance was extremely differentiated. Technology and hardware, new energy, and media sectors continued to be strong and strong. The market hotspots concentrated on a small number of stocks. In the last few trading days before the holiday, the Wuhan pneumonia epidemicAs a result, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by more than half of its gains since the current rebound and fell below 3000 points again. Correlative industries such as tourism, catering, media, and transportation dropped the most, while pharmaceuticals, technology, and banks were relatively resilient.

Our January gold stocks portfolio recorded a 7.

81% increase, clearly outperforming the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index10.

08%, since the establishment of the China-Thailand gold stocks portfolio in February 2017, the portfolio has gradually gained 90%.

02%, the excess return relative to CSI 300 is 71.

84% of the better performing gold stocks in January was Jacques Technology (43.

88%), Yi Jiahe (21.

38%), Zhifei creatures (20.

00%) and so on.

  The epidemic is still continuing, and short-term shocks are inevitable, but the index adjustment space is limited.

At present, the most eye-catching market focus is the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Too many people compare it with SARS in 2003. We believe that the current market structure, variable status, and macroeconomic and policy environment mean that the mean is clearly SARS.The industry performance during the SARS period is of little significance in the current market, but the real guiding significance is the emotional response characteristics of the global capital markets during the fermentation of the epidemic.

In fact, after all the tail risks occur, the real impact on the market is very short-lived. Emotional venting can often be completed within a few trading days, and the core variable that subsequently affects the market is whether the event will significantly affect future profits.Expect whether it will completely destroy the operating logic before the market.

And experience tells us that the logic of megatrend upwards is often not reversed by short-term factors.

Recently, the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization have listed the new coronavirus epidemic as an international public health emergency. We believe that although the terms such as delivery and trade restrictions are better than market expectations, the epidemic ‘s impact on the domestic economyThe impact will eventually be inevitable, and the gradual hedging demand may not be fully reflected.

According to our questionnaire, most investors believe that the maximum impact of the epidemic on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index after the holiday is between -5% and -10%. We believe that the actual adjustment of the index may be smaller, and we should be more optimistic in the short term.Be more cautious in the medium and long term.

After the adjustment of the first few trading days of the festival, the current median PE estimate of the entire market is 27 times, which is already in the bottom of history, and the market’s most pessimistic end of the year, the estimated level is also about 24 times.Look, we think that the probability of a large-scale adjustment of the index is small, and the risk of individual stocks should be paid more attention to.

  In terms of configuration in February, it is recommended to avoid short-term risks and focus more on long-term logic.

There are two main concerns in the short-term market. One is the change in the epidemic situation, such as the growth rate of newly diagnosed cases; the other is the policy hedging tool, when it will be introduced, and how much effort will be made.

For the former, experts have different views, and according to the estimated inflection point of the epidemic, we recommend to pay attention to two aspects, one is to avoid short-term emotional trading risks, and the other is to observe the mid- and long-term impact of the epidemic on macroeconomics and corporate profits,The hedging effort on the policy side.

In the short term, we recommend focusing on avoiding two aspects. The first is the stocks that have been most affected by the epidemic, such as the sectors that have suffered short-term consumption shocks (catering, tourism, transportation, film and television, retail, etc.), listed companies in Hubei Province, etc.It is the proportion of financing purchases and stocks with relatively high equity pledges. Leveraged funds often represent the highest risk appetite in the market. If the market panic degree exceeds expectations, this type of target risk is the largest.

Correspondingly, you can temporarily pay attention to thematic investment opportunities that benefit from the fermentation of the epidemic, such as companies that produce masks, medical supplies, antiviral drugs and other products, as well as non-contact business models such as gaming, online consumption, and remote collaboration.

From the perspective of defense, you can appropriately lean towards high dividends and quarterly results.

In the medium and long term, the epidemic may produce 南宁桑拿 some more far-reaching enlightenment on a large scale. First, awareness of health will be improved from top to bottom. Second, the lifestyle and social system brought about by epidemic prevention and control.The re-understanding of China’s economy will also become the epitome of China’s economic transformation.

Overall, no matter when the epidemic is over, no matter when policy breakouts occur, industry trends in the fields of hard technology, new energy and new consumption will continue. We maintain our judgment that the A-share market ‘s industry-driven strength is stronger than the macro-driven nature in 2020., It is recommended to actively grasp the buying opportunities brought by short-term adjustments.

  February Gold Shares Portfolio: From top to bottom, combined with our monthly portfolio of various industries,上海夜网论坛 the February 2019 recommendations of Zhongtai Securities’ gold shares are as follows: Wanfu Bio, China Merchants Bank, Vanke A, Shandong Gold, Jebsen Stock, Jiuyuan Yinhai, Tenglong, Liande Equipment, AVIC, GEM 50ETF.

  Risk reminder: monthly research opinions and key recommendation targets are based on the judgment of the fundamentals and profitability of each industry group in the next month. The final recommendation of each industry has its economic and policy formulation. There may be economic and policy expectations that are absolutely absolute.Case.

Jidong Cement (000401): 19Q1 performance turned losses to record strongest history or to open a 2 year high boom

Jidong Cement (000401): 19Q1 performance turned losses to record strongest history or to open a 2 year high boom

Event: Jidong Cement released the first quarter notice on April 9. It is expected that the company will earn 40-50 million yuan in the first quarter of 2019, which will distort losses many times (the first quarter of 2018: after the reorganization).

800 million).

  The strong cement business drove the best historical record in the first quarter, exceeding market expectations.

The company achieved the best first quarter performance in history, and because the North China cement industry is usually in an alternating state in the first quarter, the company’s first quarter performance in 2019 exceeded market expectations, and even slightly exceeded our expectations.

The strong performance of the cement business is preliminary to the company’s performance exceeding expectations.

The company’s sales of cement clinker in the first quarter were around 1415, an increase of 32 each year.

9%, we estimate that the gross profit per ton is about 115 yuan, at least about 40 yuan / ton. The recovery of cement demand in North China since 2018Q4 is the company’s strong performance in the cement business.In the quarter, the growth rate of cement enterprises in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region increased by more than 20%).

  Tangshan’s production limit exceeded expectations, or will help the company reach a record high in the second quarter of 2019: The Tangshan government requires 16 local production lines to suspend production for at least 15 days in April, exceeding market expectations. According to our calculations, the suspension of production capacity accounts for the total of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.Production capacity 20.

4%, divided into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to reduce output in April by about 10%.

As the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei market is currently in its peak season (the rate of increase is 80-90%, significantly higher than the same period last year) and the inventory is low (Beijing-Tianjin-Tangtang enterprise inventory is 30-50%), we believe that this production restriction will greatly improve Beijing-Tianjin-HebeiThe local supply and demand relationship, throughout April, cement prices in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are on an upward trend, and last week’s price increase of 20 yuan / ton for large enterprises is only the beginning of an upward trend.

At the same time, considering the improvement of supply and demand in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the revitalization of the company’s cement assets in Inner Mongolia (the Hohhot cement price has increased by 30-60 yuan / ton last week) and the current high price basis, we believe the company’s second-quarter 2019 performance is expected to hitNew record high.

  The initial high business climate is expected to be maintained, with high performance elasticity and 四川逍遥网 limited risks: Considering: 1) the recovery of demand in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, 2) the production capacity of small enterprises has been fully released, and prices continue to rise, the supply space is also quite limited and 3)Environmental protection and production restriction will remain strict in general. We believe that the high prosperity of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will be maintained and the core benefits of the company.

According to our calculations, for every 10 yuan / ton increase in purity in North China, the net profit attributable to the parent increases by 3.

27 ppm (12%), the performance elasticity contribution exceeds the non-core areas, so we believe that even if the company’s non-core area price profit exceeds our expectations, the company’s performance growth trend will not change.

If we take into account the improvement in operating efficiency after the company’s merger with Jinyu, the proportion of space for performance growth; investment recommendations: temporarily maintain the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/202027.

4 ppm / 29.

20,000 yuan with a target price of 24.

4 yuan, and maintain “Buy” rating.

In the last two years of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, due to the reversal of the boom caused by the project rush, Jidong may start a two-year high boom. After the company reveals more data, we will update it further.

  Risk warning: demand is lower than expected, costs rise more than expected, and production restrictions are loosened.

COSCO Ocean Energy (600026): Outstanding upward cycle starts as expected

COSCO Ocean Energy (600026): Outstanding upward cycle starts as expected

Event / News: COSCO Haineng released its 18-year annual report, net profit attributable to the parent company1.

0.5 billion, net of non-attributed net profit of 0.

6.7 billion, consistent with the performance forecast.

The performance was in line with expectations, and freight rates rose in the fourth quarter of 2018, thereby turning around losses.

The OPEC production increase in place of the Iran sanctions suggested in the in-depth report “Confirmation at the bottom of the cycle and entering the vertical layout interval” issued on August 6, 2018 was successfully fulfilled in the fourth quarter, which affected the VLCC ship type Middle East-China (TD3C)) The average daily return of sailing reached USD 44,794 per day, which is a significant improvement from the level of USD 10,413 per day from January to September.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the VLCC freight rate went up, 北京夜网 and the non-attributable net profit 3 was deducted in a single quarter.

900 million, and gradually succeeded in turning losses.

The surge in domestic trade in finished product transportation contributed to profits, and LNG maintained steady growth.

The overall gross profit margin of the company’s domestic trade decreased by 7.

7%, but benefited from the increase in volume brought by the acquisition of the PetroChina product oil fleet, the turnover of refined oil transportation increased by 278%, and the total gross profit contributed 11.

600 million, an annual increase of 11%.

The company’s LNG business has different shareholding ratios, which are divided into two parts: consolidation and investment income. Benefiting from the delivery and operation of LNG ships, the LNG investment income portion contributed 2 in 2018.

4.4 billion, an increase of 67% over the same period.

Consolidated part of LNG gross profit6.

6.5 billion, an annual increase of 83%.

At present, the market has no expectations for the growth of LNG shipping.

After the improvement of the Sino-US trade war, LNG is expected to usher in an increase.

Ship dismantling is inversely related to freight rates, and the off-season freight rates in the second and third quarters do not have to be overly concerned.

Since January 2018, only one VLCC has been dismantled. If the freight rate drops in the second to third quarters, shipowners are expected to decline, and the IMO 2020 sulfur limit order is coming.

If the freight rate goes up against the trend in the second and third quarters, it further verifies the upward cycle.

Concerned about the progress of sulfur restriction order, Q4 freight rate is expected to exceed expectations.

The current charter market differs by $ 3,000 in TCE levels for ships with and without desulfurization towers.

Although the sulphur limit order is still uncertain, the spread of rents on the time charter market has already reflected the market’s expectations of the difference between low sulfur oil and high sulfur oil.

Clarkson predicts that 22% -35% of VLCCs will install desulfurization towers in 2020. The proportion of installations that have been completed so far is only about 4%, and 16% have announced that they have not been installed.

It is expected that from the second half of 19, affected by the installation of desulfurization towers, the temporary withdrawal of VLCC will lead to effective capacity efforts, and the Q4 peak season freight rate is expected to exceed expectations.

Update profit forecast and maintain “Buy” rating.

The factors affecting the tanker cycle are limited. Investors are advised to grasp the main logic of the uplink cycle determinism brought by the increase in US oil exports, and pay attention to the marginal catalysis caused by uncertain factors such as Iran, internal Rira sanctions, and Sino-US trade disputes.We focus once again on the right side of the tanker’s upward cycle.

The VLCC freight rate in the upward period is extremely flexible. In 2004, the TCE was close to 100,000 USD / day, and the 15-year average value was close to 65,000 USD / day. It is difficult to accurately predict the freight rate.

We estimate that the VLCC TCE level for 19-21 will be USD 30,000,500,000,500,000 per day. Based on this calculation, we will slightly increase the profit forecast for 2019, maintain the profit forecast for 2020, and add a profit forecast for 2021.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to the parent, 2019-2021.

4 billion, 47.

3 billion, 47.

600 million (previous forecast was 15 in 19 and 20 years.

3 billion, 47.

300 million), corresponding to PE 16 times, 5 times, 5 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: Trade war escalates again, economic downturn, changes in US oil export policy

MM Decompression Techniques at the Desk Yoga Office

MM Decompression Techniques at the Desk Yoga Office

I often listen to the ethnic group in the office. Every day I lie in the office to do things. In all cases, I have cervical spine and lumbar muscle strain.

In fact, as long as you spend 10 minutes a day doing yoga moves, you can definitely relieve your symptoms too much.

Now teach you a few simple and easy-to-learn yoga exercises. At lunchtime, you can learn to do it with your colleagues at the table. It’s healthy and fun.

  First, the savvy mind on the chair also needs intimate relaxation and adjustment.

Sitting on a chair, you can also use this technique to stretch the muscles in time, relax the brain, and relieve the pressure on the spine that bends down and the tension of the shoulders during work.

During the lifting and stretching of the arm, it can better align with the effect of the thin arm.

It is highlighted that the spine must be kept upright during small-scale local body movements of the upper body.

  Moves: 1. After adjusting the sitting position, keep the spine upright and evenly breathe.

  2. Inhale and lift your left hand, hold it above your head, exhale your head straight to the right, relax your right shoulder, maintain one breath, inhale your head, and lower your left hand.

  3, the left and right hand positions are reversed to perform the same side exercise.

  Second, the curvaceous arms on the chair are all here.

Compared with the indentation type on the chair, the breathing adjustment on the chair has a significant increase in shoulder breathing, and yoga is achieved through the combination of breath movement control and movement displacement to achieve adjustments inside and outside the body.

On the whole, it further strengthens the relaxation of the arm — stimulus — leaning, while the left and right hands intersect behind each other, in addition to acting on the spine, it also expands and strengthens the chest to improve bone lines.

  Moves: 1. Also on the basis of the upright sitting position, inhale your right hand upwards, bend your elbows, and your left hand downwards.

  2. Cross your hands behind your hands and keep a slow breath. Gently fasten your fingers and relax your shoulder blades.

  3. Inhale hands relax, exhale hands recover, feel contraction of the body, and then practice left and right hands alternately.

  Third, leave your long continuous chair by the squat squat at the table, and refresh your whole body!

  OL is always “sit”.

Hip bones accumulate huge pressure every day, and the thighs also have excess meat due to excessive relaxation.

This trick is to focus on the OL’s “solid down” heart.

  Keep in mind 3 key points of action: tightening the abdominal muscles, tightening the thighs, and squatting up and down, can eliminate the slight convexity in the body, and the best effect of excess and excess thighs.

  Moves: 1. Stand upright, hold your waist gently with your hands, tighten your abdominal muscles, relax your hips, and lift your spine up.

  2. Exhale gently bend the jaw, the chest slowly sinks, the spine erect, and the thighs tightened.

  3. Pull the inhalation arm forward, palms facing each other, keep one breath, inhale vertically, relax the arms, abdominal muscles and thighs.

  Note: 1. The sitting position should be proper to keep the spine naturally upright.

You can do your own limit in each action, don’t try to force yourself; 2. Focus your willpower on your stretch and stretch during exercise, and feel the stretch of your muscles.It can be done 5 times; 4. Avoid practicing before and after meals, and practice best when you are tired during work.

After 3 days of continuous practice, you will see initial results.

Try Chinese medicine foot bath with cold hands and feet

Try Chinese medicine foot bath with cold hands and feet

Traditional Chinese medicine has a “cold host”, and the cold weather will naturally converge the yang and weaken the circulation of qi. In addition to being particularly afraid of cold, it sometimes affects the operation of various internal organs.

If you want blood to run better on cold days, in addition to tonic and Chinese medicine, try the ancient health method of foot bath before bed.

  Foot bath is similar to immersion, but it is simple and convenient for many years.

There are 12 meridians in the human body, six in each of the hands and feet. They are Foot Sanyin, Foot Sanyin, Hand Sanyin, and Hand Sanyang, and they are connected to each other. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the hotness will rise upwards. Passing through the warm feet, you can bring Qi.Blood runs through the connected meridians, warming the body.

The foot Sanyin on the foot is related to the liver, spleen and kidney, while the foot Sanyang is related to the gallbladder, bladder and stomach, so it strengthens the blood circulation of the foot and has health effects on various internal organs, while reducing sedimentation inToxins on the soles of the feet.

  In addition, warm water stimulates the Yongquan point under the feet, which can help to improve edema, insomnia and headache, and it can do more than one thing.

To enhance the efficacy, different traditional Chinese medicines can be used to make foot bath medicinal solution. The heat can help to penetrate the medicine, help to promote qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and dissipate blood, and strengthen the body and prevent disease.

  Angelica Dried Ginger Bath: Warm-up and cold are affected by cold. People at the cold end or those with poor blood circulation are more afraid of cold.

In addition to taking warming supplements such as mutton, antler and other tonics, you may wish to soak the foot bath with some warming and blood circulation herbs, such as dried ginger, aconite, and evodia, which are warm medicines.Opens the meridians and helps dispel cold and warm the body.

If the blood circulation can be strengthened, the effects will be mutually beneficial. Chinese medicines such as angelica and codonopsis can be added to make the blood flow smoothly.

  Materials: Dried ginger 1 or 2, Aconite 1 or 2, Codonopsis 1 or 2, Angelica 1 or 5 Evodice 5 money Method: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, and slag to get liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20?
30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Qi and blood circulation, warming up and cold.

  Nepeta windproof bath: To prevent exogenous weather from becoming cold, a little carelessness, the body is susceptible to diseases, especially cold and cold are more common.

If you want to prevent, you should use some traditional Chinese medicine for wind chills as food therapy, or make a liquid bath or foot bath, which can help prevent colds and colds, and reduce the chance of worsening during the initial onset.

Traditional Chinese medicines such as nepeta, windproof, hydrating, and perilla leaves are all traditional Chinese medicines for sweating and relieving the epidemic. It has the effect of lifting and dispersing, that is, it can eliminate epidemic evil through sweating, and treat exogenous symptoms such as cold, fever, and headache.

  Materials: 1 or 2 live, 1 or 2 windproof, 1 or 2 nepeta, 5 leaves of perilla leaf. Method: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, slag and liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Xin Wenjie table, spleen and wind-proof chuanchuan scallion white snorkeling bath: warming the lungs and nose is at the turn of the season, in addition to susceptible to colds and colds, people with lung qi deficiency are affected by autumn dryness and cold, which is particularly likely to cause nasal sensitivity,Nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, dizziness, headache, etc. To relieve nasal sensitivity and discomfort, in addition to cold wind and cold, you can use some traditional Chinese medicine that declares lung nasal for foot baths, such as Bai Zhi, Xin Zhi Hua, Cocklebur, and transcriptWait.

Both white crickets and crickets are able to dispel wind and cold, while Xin Zhihua and Xanthium have the effect of clarifying the nose, can alleviate the discomfort of colds and colds, and can especially target nasal congestion and headache.

  Materials: Chuanxiong 1 two, Baiji 1 2nd, Xin Zhihua 1 2nd, Xanthium 1 2nd, Xiben 1 2nd method: 8 bowls of water and materials for 45 minutes, slag to get liquid, wait for warming, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Xuanfei Nasal, dizziness and dizziness.

  Clove pepper bath: in addition to fear of cold swelling, many people will suffer from swelling from year to night, especially swelling of their feet.

In fact, the problem of edema is related to the lungs, spleen, and kidneys. The edema of the whole body is mostly related to the deterioration of renal function, and the spleen deficiency and the lung deficiency are reversed, which makes water and moisture easily accumulate on the feet.

Pepper has the effect of qi, and Zelan, Motherwort, and Red Bean are all good for water and swelling. With cloves that warm the kidney and help the sun, dipping the feet in it can enhance the overall function and also help to remove water and moisture.

  Material: clove 5 money, pepper 5 money, Zelan 1 two, motherwort 1 2 and red adzuki beans 1 Two methods: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, slag and liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: warm kidney and cold, diuretic swelling.

  Footbath 3 Important Notes You can footbath 2-3 times a week on weekdays, but if the weather is cold or you may be able to heal, do not prevent footbath every night before bedtime to warm your feet.

However, you must pay attention to the following points when foot bath: 1.
The temperature of the water should be moderate and not excessive, so as to avoid burns, especially the elderly, first try the water temperature with your hands.

  2.It is not advisable to eat before or after meals or to be full.

  3.People with high blood pressure, hypertension, and hemorrhagic diseases may not be suitable for foot baths. They should first consult a Chinese physician.

  In addition to the foot bath, warm water bags can warm the kidneys in addition to the foot bath, may wish to put warm water bags in the waist warm the kidneys, in addition to foot bath, can receive the kidney tonic effect.

Because the kidneys are in the waist, the kidneys dominate the functions of many parts of the body, including reproduction, endocrine, brain, nerves, and bones.

The kidney function is good, the body is naturally strong, and it is not easy to have gray hair loss, sexual function decline, waist and knee weakness, and so on.

Sleep naked, make your life healthier and stylish

Sleep naked, make your life healthier and stylish

When talking about naked sleep, some people may laugh and think that this is not civilized.

But to some extent, who can set civilization at the expense of human health?

Civilization makes men often wear hard shirts with collars and tightly tie their neckties. Therefore, with the tie syndrome, there is an anecdote that the groom fainted at the wedding banquet; the heels of women are getting higher and higher.It is getting narrower and longer, so with the pinch syndrome, there are often reports that pregnant women wear loose shoes and fall carelessly and cause miscarriages.Tight enough, let’s give some more freedom to our private space!

  This is the fact. When the office worker returns home, the first thing is to kick off the shiny shoes on his feet, put on loose big slippers, take off the solemn clothes, put on comfortable big shorts, big vest .Sleeping has become a healthy fashion in some countries. Let us recall the fact that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden.

Before Eve stole the forbidden fruit, the two of them were unrestrained and no matter what their wishes would be satisfied, but they chose to be naked.


Because they feel so comfortable.

Children are the most revealing of human nature. No child likes to wear clothes. Why?

The same is because wearing clothes is not comfortable.

The forbidden fruit made Eve’s sex, and her natural kiss and hug to Adam made Adam uncomfortable, so both people put on their clothes.

As the child grows up, parents will teach him: “Clot on clothes or others will be ashamed of you!”

From this perspective, people’s clothing is a civil need, not a health need.

 Beginning in the 1970s, some families in the United States have been sleeping naked fashionablely. In the early 1980s, Japan formed a national “bare buttocks”, and soon they were imitated and accepted in the country’s Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macau.

  Sleeping naked, treatment of some diseases is really effective. 27-year-old Ling is a loyal supporter of naked sleep. Since puberty, she often has more leucorrhea, yellowish color, itching is unbearable, and sometimes even broken.

Upon inspection at the hospital, the doctor said that it was vaginitis, which caused excessive secretions, polluted the vulva, and caused vulvar inflammation.

With some suppositories, vaginitis is better, but vulvar arthritis is sometimes better and worse, making Wen Jing’s exquisite pain inexplicable.

After marriage, Ling saw some reports that it was better not to wear underwear while sleeping, so she tried to take off her underwear and only wear a wide robe to sleep. She felt very comfortable and her itchy vulva improved.

Of course I was a little embarrassed at first, but she felt so comfortable and relaxed, so she insisted.

Later, her vulvitis was miraculously better!

  I once had poor sleep. A Japanese friend told me that the people there were all naked and rarely heard of insomnia. I suggested that I try to sleep naked.

As a result, I really no longer have insomnia, so I also like the peculiar hearty feeling of naked sleep.

  Gynecologists in Japan have calculated that 60% of all women’s diseases are caused by wearing inappropriate underwear.

Naked sleep has a very high effect on the treatment of tension diseases, especially the tension in the abdominal visceral nervous system can be easily eliminated, which can promote blood circulation, improve chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea and headache, and lower back pain.

In addition, naked sleep also makes people feel relaxed, warm and comfortable. Even gynecological diseases such as common low back pain, physiological menstrual pain, and gynecological pelvic congestion are alleviated. Women who previously could not sleep due to cold hands and feetAfter turning into naked sleep, most of them can quickly enter dreamland.

There is a habit of sleeping naked in a village in Hokkaido, Japan, where there is almost no insomnia.

Therefore, some doctors recommend that patients with insomnia try to sleep naked, and the results are very effective.

China currently does not have statistics in this area, and I hope researchers will do surveys in this regard.

  Doctors believe that human skin has multiple functions, such as absorption, immunity, and gas exchange.

Sleeping in underwear will reduce the body’s contact with the air, which will hinder metabolism and affect the breathing of the skin; sweaty underwear will irritate the skin and make it itch and irritate the skin.The blood vessels circulate, causing the skin temperature to drop; lowering the skin temperature; lowering the skin temperature; lowering skin muscles and discomfort.

At the same time, tight panties are expected to increase the temperature of the scrotum, leading to impaired sperm production and development, reducing male sexual performance; and offset and impermeable areas are prone to bacteria breeding.

And naked sleep is even conducive to blood circulation, enhance the secretion of cutaneous and sweat glands, facilitate the excretion and regeneration of skin, facilitate the regulation of nerves, enhance the adaptability and immunity, and help eliminate fatigue.

  Sleeping naked to make your family’s life sweeter and clearer is the chance to fall in love with naked sleep.

That night, my husband said vaguely: “Go and take a shower. I’ll wash it after you finish washing.

“After washing, when wearing underwear, because her body was wet and her tight panties rolled together, it was difficult to bring it up, so she simply didn’t wear it, and only came out of the bathroom in her pajamas, her husband paralyzed with excitement.

“The body is wet and it’s very hard to wear, so .” Qing explained with a blush.

That night, they got unprecedented pleasure.

After that, every time I take a bath, my husband reminds me: “It’s like that night!

“Of course, although both Qing and her husband are fascinated by her disguised nakedness, they don’t have sex every night.Qing Qing was pleasantly surprised to find that her husband caressed her for a long time before going to bed, delicate, and her tenderness was awakened . Afterwards, the two hugged and fell asleep contentedly.

  For couples, excessive exposure may reduce the mystery of each other; but too much clothing is enough to reduce each other’s sexual appeal.

The wide pajamas just complement each other’s weaknesses. Imagine that the exquisite, bumpy curves under the wide, charming, and sexy pajamas . The image in Zhou Xun’s “Orange Red” has fascinated many men. One description is: “No one can wear a wide robe like that, with a thin back, narrow shoulders, and a slightly raised side . as long as she beckons, no man will not fall for it.

“It can be seen that the wide robe has contributed!

  When sleeping naked, pay attention to some details. The first major consideration for naked sleeping is to pay attention to privacy.

Try not to sleep naked when working in a group or when going out.

Do not sleep naked when sharing a bed with a child.

For health reasons, wash the vulva and anus before going to bed naked, wash frequently, wash the sheets and sheets.

When sleeping naked, in order to avoid some emergencies, such as fire and embarrassment after a thief invades, it is best to prepare a large set of pajamas at the bedside.

  Some people may not be able to tolerate the wildness of “the body is rising to the sky”, we can provide you with a disguised way to sleep naked: remove underwear, wear only a wide pajamas or robes, you can also enjoy the beauty of naked sleepfeel.
  In addition, if you choose poor quality sheets to sleep naked, you will “grind” people like sleeping on sandpaper.

The quality of the sheets and sheets must be better. Although such sheets are more expensive, you have to think that the time you change in life is directly in contact with it, it is more important than any brand-name clothes!

When you have worked hard all day, it is a great life to be wrapped in such a comfortable and soft quilt!

The quality must be better. Although such sheets are more expensive, you have to think that your extended life is in direct contact with it. It can be more important than any brand-name clothes!

When you have worked hard all day, it is a great life to be wrapped in such a comfortable and soft quilt!

Why did children suddenly refuse independence

Why did children suddenly refuse independence

Your child could have worn clothes and shoes by himself, but in recent days, he has suddenly and abnormally refused to do what he can do.

Anything you patiently encourage her: “Mom believes you can do it yourself.

“I still strongly ordered her:” You are an older child and you have to do it yourself.

She shook her head in disapproval.

Why is the task that can be completed by itself turned into an unwilling task?

  If you analyze it carefully, it is not difficult to find that there are some reasons for the sudden change of children.

  She may not want to do something wrong with your child, and she is able to do more than when she was younger.

She began to realize that it would be shameful to do the wrong thing.

As a result, she started to become extra sensitive, afraid to do something wrong in front of you, which would make her feel shameless.

So, do more and make more mistakes.

In her opinion, such a simple truth.

  So, if you find your child is nervous, don’t ask him too much.

It’s good for you to make a certain setback.

If at that moment, he really can’t complete a certain task independently, help him, and at the same time, show that you have confidence in him and continue to encourage him to try it himself.

  She may be in an unfamiliar scene, even if it is the same activity, the same thing has different meanings in different scenes.

The child may be able to recite a poem very skillfully at home, but he can’t say anything in front of a new teacher.

The impact of environmental factors on children is already great.

Give him some time to get acquainted, get used to the new environment gradually, and then encourage him to try.

Help your child focus on the things at hand instead of focusing on the things around him.

  She is worried that you will no longer take care of her child. This is how he thinks: once he grows up and is able to do things by himself, then mom and dad worry that they care less.

Or, even if they can’t do it themselves, their parents won’t help him do it.

Because independence means doing everything by yourself.

  Some children, as they get older, behave retrogressively, for some reason because of psychological threats.

They hope that they will always be children and never grow up, so that mom and dad will always love and care for themselves as much as baby.

Especially when there are younger children in the family than they are, they will be more convinced of this idea at home.

Tell your child that you will always care and support him and help him when he needs help.

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