Interview with Lu Yu, director of the Women’s Department of the Football Association: Chinese women’s football team is on the right track

Interview with Lu Yu, director of the Women’s Department of the Football Association: Chinese women’s football team is on the right track
In the recently concluded AFC U14 Women’s Football Championship, although the Chinese team lost to the North Korean team and won the runner-up, this may not necessarily determine the overall progress of the Chinese women’s football team in recent years.In the view of Lu Yu, director of the Women’s Department of the Chinese Football Association, the system construction of all aspects of the women’s football has gradually been on the right track, and there is also the confidence to return to world-class in the future.However, in the Canada World Cup, which was unveiled two weeks later, due to the relatively average strength of the opponents in the group, the Chinese team needed a field fight.  During the championship, Lu Yu was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency at the Xianghe National Football Training Base.He said that he is confident in the national team players who are preparing for the World Cup. After all, they are the best in this age group.Moreover, they are very busy before the game, the coach is also dedicated, basically adjusted to the best state.  At the same time, Lu Yu admits that there are differences.We have a gap with the world’s best teams, and now we have to face this reality.After I went there, I tried to find the differences through the training of the contest. When I came back, I made my own youth training system. Then I slowly let the joint batch of children come up.  The Chinese team is in a group with the host Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand.Outstanding team budget, Lu Yu said that everyone is full of confidence, but to fight one by one.The strength of the four detachments is not to say that an absolute strong team like the United States and Germany may be relatively prominent in Canada, and the rest depends on playing on the spot.Can only say one fight after another.He also revealed that all aspects of the national team’s guarantee work can be considered, and the work must be done carefully without any negligence.  The national team at the top of the pyramid has always been the focus of attention from the outside world.But in fact, what really determines the future competitiveness is the popularization, selection and improvement of the training system.The Chinese women’s football team is on the right track in these areas.  Taking the U14 national team who received the contestants as an example, Lu Yu introduced that this is the youngest Chinese-style echelon officially established by the Chinese team this year, and it can be called the starting point and talent pool for the national team construction.The national team is now officially four teams, there is the national team, then there is U19 National Youth, there are two national youth teams, U16 and U14.  So, how is the national name team selected and formed?  Lu Yu said that at present the merger of campus football has U12 and U13 elite training camps, including good seedlings selected from all parts of the country, and now there are four in the form of regions in the country, which are selected layer by layer.In the U14 and U16 above, there is a national league, which forms a competition platform and also a selection platform. Who is in good condition when playing the game can be selected to the national team of the same age.  By the establishment of the U14 national team this year, it has been linked to the U12 and U13 campus football, which is basically sound from the system.It’s just a skeleton, and it has to be used as a system of bones and bones. It needs to be thick and strong. The U12 and U13 disks below should be bigger and the roots should be denser, Lu Yu said.  In addition, although the talent pool of the Chinese women’s football team is not as strong as Europe and the United States, it is constantly expanding.Lu Yu said that since the start of campus football in 2009, the quality of talent selection has been greatly improved. Many young players with technical highlights have emerged in this tournament.  The progress of the professional league also makes the prospects of the Chinese women’s football team optimistic.Lu Yu said that for the first time this year, the Women’s Super League has achieved the title, and it is a tens of millions of titles, just five years.Among them, all 15 adult teams are unified equipment sponsors.In addition, in the equipment of the ball, the women’s football team has sponsorship from top to bottom, from training camp, grassroots to the national team. This is a great effort and a real kind of support.  Since the women’s Super League has returned to the fans, the attention has also increased to a great extent.According to Lu Yu, since the start of the promotion and demotion, the number of viewers who watched online matches and the number of people who watched matches on live TV can reach 180,000.This is not in the history of women’s football.In the past, there was no live broadcast on TV. When there were many fans watching the scene, there were one or two thousand people.If the quality of the game is improved, the organization and publicity are well done, the fans will return to the women’s football arena sooner or later.

The main revenue decreased significantly, and the net profit of Dadonghai A dropped by more than 246% in the first quarter

The main revenue decreased significantly, and the net profit of Dadonghai A dropped by more than 246% in the first quarter
On April 13, Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dadonghai A”) issued a performance forecast for the first quarter of 2020.Summary of the report, Dadonghai A’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to exceed 230 million to 270 million, compared with the same period last year.The net profit of 20,000 yuan decreased by 246 per year.31% to 271.76%.Dadonghai believes that the termination of the first quarter was due to the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic worldwide. The company’s main business was severely affected, and its revenue was significantly reduced and replaced.The Air Force and Dadonghai A also mentioned in the 2019 annual report that the impact of the epidemic and the prevention and control of the epidemic need to suspend small hotels. The operation projects are limited, the tourism market is good or bad.Dadonghai A’s main business is hotel accommodation and catering services. The hotel is located in the popular tourist city of Sanya, the largest tourist area in Dadonghai Bay. It is also the only 4A-level tourist attraction in Sanya that is free to open.Since being listed in 1997 for 23 years, Dadonghai A has achieved performance improvements for 11 years, and has been repeatedly “wearing a hat”.In addition, the deduction of non-net profit of Dadonghai A has been interrupted for 18 consecutive years since 1999, and it turned into a profit in 2017. For the first time, net profit and deduction of non-net profit were both positive.But the 2019 annual report shows that the net profit of Dadonghai A is 75.670,000 yuan, deducted non-net profit again turned into a loss of -107.80 thousand yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Zhenzhen editor Zheng Yijia proofreading Li Shihui picture Dadonghai A announcement screenshot

[Beef stuffed ravioli practice]_ wonton _ production method _ practice Daquan

銆 愮 坛 夐  棣 勯 エ pot 氭 桭 銆 慱 棣 勯 エ _ 鍒 朵 綔 鏂 覂 硶 _ 锅 氭 硶 澶 у 叏
鐩 樎 俊 澶 у 鍦 ㄥ Hook and fall into the heartThe problem is that the father and the father are not able to distinguish them, and how they are effective is not so good. It ‘s not a good idea if you ‘re not sure how to deal with it.I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know if it ‘s a good idea, what ‘s wrong?殑鍘讳簡瑙c€?What do you think? 鐗涜倝棣呫€侀潰绮夈€佹补鑿溿€侀鑿溿€佺传鑿溿€佽櫨鐨€佹Θ鑿滈厤鏂欙細 钁便€佸銆佽儭妞掔矇銆佷簲棣欑矇銆佺洂銆佺硸銆侀叡娌广€侀娌瑰寘棣勯エ鐨勯潰绮夌敤鏅€氶潰绮夛紙濡傚瘜寮虹矇銆佹爣鍑嗙矇锛夊氨鍙互銆傞潰鍥㈣鍜岀殑杞‖閫備腑锛屽お杞お纭兘涓嶅ソ銆?鍋氶楗ㄨ鎬庝箞鎻夐潰锛熷浣曟弶闈㈤潰鍥㈣蒋纭€備腑锛熻繖鍙璁茬┒鎻夐潰鐨勬妧宸с€傛垜閫氬父鎻夐潰鐨勬柟娉曟槸棣栧厛灏嗛潰绮夋斁澶х泦涓紝涓€杈瑰姞鍏ユ竻姘翠竴杈圭敤绛峰瓙鎼呮媽鎴愮诞鐘讹紝鐒跺悗鐢ㄦ墜鎻夋垚杞‖閫備腑鐨勯潰鍥€傝繖鏃剁殑闈㈠洟涓嶅厜婊戜笉瑕佺揣锛屽皢鎻夊ソ鐨勯潰鐩Do you feel like you’re down?0-30鍒嗛挓銆傝繖鏍峰寘棣勯エ鐨勬椂鍊欏ソ鎿€鐨篃濂藉寘棣咃紝鍋氬嚭鐨勯楗ㄤ笉鏄撶牬鐨€傜墰鑲囐 曗 愗 ㄩ  镄 埗 北 Cang Nannan 囪 囪 囪 囪 1 銆 佽 懕 銆 佸  雒 囩  銆 傝 雲開 斑 鄑 鄑 遣 氣 難 氣 氣 Mao AdorableSorry, there are two different ways of setting up altars, and they are very good. The soup is very thick, and it’s very difficult to make up.涓€涓柟鍚戝皢鍏舵悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛岀洿鑷充笂鍔层€傞楗ㄧ毊鐨勫仛娉曪細1銆佸彇鍑洪啋鍙戝ソ鐨勯潰鍥紝鍦ㄦ鏉夸笂鐢ㄥ姏鎻夋悡鑷冲厜婊戯紱2銆佺敤鎿€闈㈡鎿€鎴愬帤绾?姣  back 镄 勫 ぇ 闱 ㈢ 姖 Ad?銆佸皢闈㈢墖鍒囧壊鎴愰暱瀹界害6鍘樼背鐨勬柟褰㈤楗ㄧ毊澶囩敤銆傚彇涓€寮犻楗ㄧ毊锛屾妸鑲夐鏀惧湪棣勯エ鐨腑澶紝灏嗗叾瀵规姌锛屽懆杈规崗绱э紝鐒跺悗鎶婁袱瑙掑鎶樻崗鎷紝涓€涓楗ㄥ氨鍖呭ソ浜嗐€傚姝ゅ弽澶嶏紝灏嗛楗ㄧ毊鍜岃倝棣呯敤瀹屻€?娉細棣勯エ鍙互涓€娆″鍖呬竴浜涳紝浣欎笅鐨勬斁鍦ㄥ啺绠卞喎鍐诲淇濆瓨锛岄殢鍚冮殢鍙栧緢鏂逛究銆?銆佺儳涓€閿呮按锛?銆佹补鑿滄礂鍑€鍒囧皬娈碉紝绱彍鎾曟垚灏忕墖锛?銆佹按寮€鍚庝笅鍏ラ楗紝鐢ㄤ腑鐏叜绾?鍒嗛挓锛岀劧鍚庢斁鍏ユ补鑿滃拰绱彍鎼呭潎鍖€锛屽緟棣勯エ婕傝捣灏辫鏄庣叜鐔熶簡锛屽彲浠ュ叧鐏嚭閿呬簡銆傞楗ㄧ叜濂戒簡锛岃繕瑕佹湁椴滄堡鎵嶅鍛炽€傚噯澶囦竴涓ぇ纰楋紝鍦ㄧ涓皟涓簳鏂欍€?銆侀鑿滄礂鍑€锛屽垏纰庯紱2銆侀鑿溿€佽櫨鐨拰姒ㄨ彍涓濇斁鍏ュぇ纰椾腑锛屽啀鏍规嵁涓汉鍙e懗鍊掑叆鐢熸娊鍜岄娌癸紱3銆佸皢棣勯エ杩炴堡涓€璧风洓鍏ョ涓紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆?

[Baby drink sesame oil can cure constipation]_Baby_Stool dry

[Baby drink sesame oil can cure constipation]_Baby_Stool dry

When taking care of the baby, Baoma is very careful and careful. The baby’s body is not yet developed, so many things need special attention. Even if you are careful, the baby will have some problems.Constipation is the phenomenon that many babies have experienced. At this time, many treasure mothers will think of some small recipes to solve the problem of constipation of babies, some kind of sesame oil.

Can babies drink sesame oil to cure constipation?

Consumption of constipation in babies can promote bowel movements, but this is not recommended because the baby’s stomach is not good. Direct consumption of sesame oil is definitely not good for the stomach.

You can drink plenty of water, eat more fiber-rich foods, or eat products that promote digestive enzymes, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, and improve constipation.


The first thing that children with constipation should pay attention to is the correct guidance of parents, which sends a signal before the baby defecates, and is basically fixed in time every day, gradually changing to adapt to regular defecation.

If children do not have bowel movements, they should not force them, nor can they force the children to squat on the potty for a long time.

In terms of diet, some refined foods, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and fruits should be given appropriately.

For children who often have constipation, in addition to training their bowel habits, some medicines that promote bowel movements and moisturizing can be given at intervals.


Babies under the age of 1 cannot eat honey and pollen products. Some mothers like to add some honey to the baby’s milk or boiling water, thinking that this can replace the smooth stool.

But babies under 1 year old consume honey and pollen products.

Food poisoning may be caused by botulinum contamination.

Flaccid paralysis occurs in severe cases.

Make your baby cry weakly, suckle weakly, and have trouble breathing.

So it is best not to give honey to babies under 1 year old.

Alternative method of constipation for pregnant women 1, arrange the baby’s diet scientifically, pay attention to the thickness and thickness.

Babies prone to constipation should be appropriately replaced with protein-based foods and vegetables with increased crude fiber.

Such as leek, celery.

Spinach and other vegetables are used in foods such as ravioli, dumplings, or pasta: cereals that increase corn fiber, such as corn, sorghum, sweet potatoes and other miscellaneous grains, are effective in cooking porridge or steaming.

Let your baby eat more fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples, and kiwi.

2, correct the baby’s partial eclipse and irregular bad habits, comprehensive nutrition.

The ratio of fish, meat, eggs and grains in food should be appropriate, and some coarse grains and miscellaneous grains should be appropriately eaten according to different ages.

Constipated babies try to eat less hamburgers, chocolate and some fried foods.

3, drink plenty of water, dredge the intermediates.

Give your baby more water, drink some soup, cabbage water, radish water, etc., and add a few coarse grains and miscellaneous grains according to the age of the baby.

You can also give your baby occasional drink some mung bean barley soup: mung bean, barley kernel to reduce fiber, not only can improve the symptoms of constipation, but also the effect of clearing heat.

4, if the baby wants to eat snacks, try to give the baby some snacks to improve constipation symptoms.

Examples are walnuts, yogurt, nori, dried apricots.

Foods such as apples and pears have the effect of increasing bowel movements.

[Can black sesame cook porridge]_ porridge _ practice

銆 愰 粦 鑺 餋 鏳 鑳 綜 綧 銆 銆 銆 镡  播 _ 锅 氭 硶
涓€璇村埌榛戣姖楹伙紝澶у鍙兘閮芥槸鍙檽寰楀畠鏈夌敓鍙戠殑鍔熻兘銆傚叾瀹烇紝榛戣姖楹荤殑钀ュ吇浠峰€煎崄鍒嗙殑楂樸€傞粦鑺濋夯涓嶄絾鏄彲浠ヤ慨琛ヨ偩鑴忥紝鍦ㄤ竴瀹氱▼搴︿笂杩樺彲浠ラ槻姝㈣绠$殑纭寲銆備絾鏄汉浠€绘槸瑙夊緱榛戣姖楹绘湁璁稿鐩告帓鏂ョ殑椋熺墿銆傚叾瀹炰笉鐒讹紝榛戣姖楹绘槸涓€绉嶅崄鍒嗗ソ鐨勫吇鐢熼鐗╋紝瀹冩槸鍙互浣滀负鏉′欢鐓播鍠濈殑銆傞粦鑺濋夯鍜屽皬绫虫槸鍙互涓€璧风叜绮ョ殑銆備竴鑸儏鍐典笅锛屽鏋滄槸鐢熺殑榛戣姖楹绘礂骞插噣鍚庝篃鏄彲浠ョ洿鎺ョ敤鏉The problem is that the Han Dynasty’s disease chains and umbrellas are constantly being reported: the hooks are slowing down and the complaints are slowing down. デ ぇ 鏋 d 弴 Bifeng 墦 凴 愯 眴 圗 嗗 姬 屼 琼 璼 琩 盬 燮 姣 嗇 倇 擂 揂 換 讹 纴 雴 儬 垬 垬 垬 凬钀ュ吇浼氭洿鍔犲ソ娓楀嚭銆傝繖涓ょ椋熸潗閮芥槸鍏锋湁杈冮珮钀ュ吇浠峰€肩殑椋熺墿锛屽苟涓旈兘鏈夐潪甯镐笉閿欑殑婊嬭ˉ鍔熸晥銆備竴璧风叜绮ラ鐢ㄨ兘澶熺粰浜轰綋琛ュ厖澶ч噺鐨勮惀鍏伙紝鍚屾椂杩樿兘璧峰埌婊嬭ˉ鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鑰屼笖杩樹笉浼氱粰韬綋閫犳垚涓嶅埄褰卞搷銆傚洜姝ゅぇ瀹舵槸鍙互鏀惧績椋熺敤鐨勩€傝伞涓I ‘m not sure if I ‘m going to go with you, I ‘m going to go with you, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there.The world economy is sloppy, and the global economy is swift. It ‘s hard to find. It ‘s very hard to pick up. It ‘s very difficult to pick up.ㄩ粦鑺濋夯鑳借ˉ閽欒繕鑳介闃茬己閾佹€ц传琛€銆傞櫎姝や箣澶栭粦鑺濋夯杩樿兘澶熸粙琛ヨ倽鑲撅紝鍏婚娑﹁偆绛夌瓑銆傝€屽皬绫冲垯瀵屽惈铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佺淮鐢熺礌浠ュ強鑳¤悵鍗滅礌绛夎惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝椋熺敤灏忕背鍙互闃叉娑堝寲涓嶈壇锛岃繕鑳芥粙闃村吇琛€锛屽噺杞荤毐绾广€佽壊鏂戠瓑绛夈€傛渶鍚庢槸鐓播鏂规硶榛戣姖楹诲皬绫崇播鐨勫叿浣撴柟娉曟楠ゅ涓嬶細锛?锛夐鍏堝皢灏忕背娲楀噣锛岀敤娓呮按娴告场鍗婂皬鏃讹紝涔嬪悗鎹炲嚭骞舵播骞叉按鍒嗭紱Adze?锛夋帴鐫€灏嗗皬绫冲€掑叆閿呬腑锛屽姞姘寸敤澶х伀鐑ц嚦娌歌吘锛涳紙3锛夌劧鍚庤浆灏忕伀鐓皬绫筹紝鍚屾椂灏嗛粦鑺濋夯鐢ㄦ悈鎷屾満鎼呮墦鎴愰粦鑺濋夯绮夈€傦紙4锛夌瓑鍒板皬绫崇叜鐔熶箣鍚庡姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐧界硸璋冨懗锛屾渶鍚庡€掑叆榛戣姖楹荤矇鎼呮媽鍧囧寑鍗冲彲椋熺敤銆?

High-Energy Environment (603588): Waste incineration project with performance in line with expectations smoothly progressed

High-Energy Environment (603588): Waste incineration project with performance in line with expectations smoothly progressed
Event: The company released a 19-year performance forecast, and it is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will reach 40,000 in 2019.0 million to 43,000.One million yuan, an annual increase of 23% to 32%, and the net profit of non-attributed mothers will further increase by 26% to 36% each year. Investment points: The performance is in line with expectations. The company’s performance is in line with expectations.86-1.1.6 billion yuan, with a median value of 1.01 trillion, a half-year increase of about 22% in a single quarter, continuing the rapid growth momentum.The company’s main business development is in good condition. During the year, it implemented engineering orders in hand, smoothly promoted the construction of domestic waste incineration power generation projects, confirmed revenue and realized profit growth. The total investment income in 2019 can also increase, and the 2019 performance indicators have beenConsider the impact of goodwill impairment. The waste incineration project is gradually put into operation, and the cash flow is expected to continue to improve the company’s on-hand waste incineration project at 8,800 tons / day. In the second quarter of 19, the Hezhou project was put into operation. In the fourth quarter, the Hetian project and the Yueyang project were 杭州夜网 put into operation. The company’s current total operating project has reached 3900.Tons / day (including the Shunyi project), the project is gradually put into operation to provide operating cash flow.Net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters.US $ 5.3 billion, an annual increase of 142%, and a significant improvement in cash flow.The company’s waste incineration project is expected to be gradually put into operation, and the cash flow is expected to continue to improve. There are plenty of orders in hand, and the company’s supplementary order amount for the first three quarters of maintaining the “recommended” rating is 24.2.6 billion yuan, of which 18 are engineering contract orders.3.4 billion, an annual increase of 32%, the end of September the company’s in-hand orders totaled 125.8.2 billion, of which 38 have ended.3.9 billion yuan, 87 profitable.4.3 billion US dollars, ample orders to ensure the release of future performance.It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 20-21 will be 5 respectively.3.2 billion, 6.9.5 billion yuan, corresponding to PE of 13x and 10x respectively, maintaining the “recommended” level. Risk reminder policy is weaker than expected; project advancement is lower than expected; hazardous waste profit is lower than expected; goodwill is impaired.

Fuyao Glass (600660) Semi-annual Report Comment: Overseas Revenue Proportion Increases the Power of Aluminum Trim Business

Fuyao Glass (600660) Semi-annual Report Comment: Overseas Revenue Proportion Increases the Power of Aluminum Trim Business
Key points of investment: The company announced its 2019 semi-annual report and achieved operating income of 102 in 1H19.900 million, an annual increase of 2.0%; net profit attributable to mother 15.1ppm, a ten-year increase of -19.4%; budget benefit 0.6 yuan. Ping An’s view: Due to the downward impact of the domestic automobile market, the company’s gross profit margin has improved: affected by changes in the sales volume of the Chinese automobile market, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin for its main business in the first half of 2019 was 37.2%, a decrease of 4 per year.Five averages, net profit attributable to mother is 15.1 ‰, a decrease of 19 per year.4%, 14 after recovering exchange gains.7 ‰, a decrease of 18 per year.4%.Auto glass operating income 92.1 ‰, the average ten years.9%, gross margin is 34.5%, down by 1 every year.23 units.Float glass gross margin is 34.6%, sixth grade.5 single; the cost of float glass has increased in ten years.8%, it may be due to the increase in inventory at the end of 2018, leading to a decrease in output in the first half of 2019.It is expected that the automobile industry may pick up in the second half of the year, which will improve the company’s profitability. The product structure is upgraded, and the advantages are expected to continue: the company’s proportion of high value-added products such as heat insulation, sound insulation, head-up display and resurfacing continues to increase, an increase of 1 compared with the same period in 2018.The 67 singles continue to develop through the trend of automotive glass integration, and the company’s proportion of high value-added products continues to increase. Overseas business is progressing steadily, and the US factory is developing rapidly: the company’s overseas business accounted for 48 in the first half of 2019.26%, an increase of 9 per year.61 units.US factory revenue was 19.100 million, an increase of 13 in ten years.7%, net profit is 14.800 million, increasing by 16 杭州桑拿网 every year.4%.Fuyao supplies US brands such as GM and Ford outside the United States, and has also entered the supply chain systems of Japanese brands such as Toyota and Honda. It will gradually increase its revenue scale and market share in the future. The aluminum trim business has begun to exert its strength: in the first half of 2019, other business income was 700 million, compared with 0 in the same period in 2018.700 million U.S. dollars, with an estimated 700 million U.S. dollars in China Aluminum Trim ‘s revenue of about 600 million U.S. dollars, reflecting the performance of Fuyao ‘s integration of SAM. In the future, it will further integrate the resources of Sanfeng Group and Tongliao Fine Aluminum to improve the industrial chain and enable the aluminum trim businessBecome a new growth point for the company. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.Based on the Chinese automotive glass business, the company copied its core advantages to overseas markets and the new automotive aluminum trim field. It is optimistic about increasing its market share in the United States. It is recommended to pay attention to the business progress of aluminum trim.Maintaining the performance forecast, it is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 36.700 million, 43.9 ppm and 47.500 million, corresponding to 15 respectively.5, 13.0 and 12.0 times, maintaining the “recommended” level. Risk warning: 1) The growth rate of the automobile industry is lower than expected: If the sales volume of the automobile industry continues to decline, it will affect the company’s profitability.2) Exchange rate fluctuations: The company has more than 40% of its revenue from overseas, and exchange rate fluctuations will have a transmission effect on the company’s profits.3) Price fluctuations of upstream raw materials: The main raw materials of automobile glass such as soda ash, PVB, etc., if the price rises, it will put pressure on the company’s costs.4) Sino-US trade war: Automotive glass belongs to the 250 billion tax increase list. If the Sino-US trade war continues or intensifies, it will affect the company’s profitability.5) Aluminum bar penetration rate is lower than expected: If the cost reduction of aluminum bar is small and the penetration rate in the luxury car segment is lower than expected, it will affect the company’s operating income.

Nupuxin (002215) Commentary on Major Issues: Holding Jinsui to thicken its performance and look forward to long-term transformation and development

Nupuxin (002215) Commentary on Major Issues: Holding Jinsui to thicken its performance and look forward to long-term transformation and development
The company plans to acquire 55% equity of Jinsui Group to enrich the planting industry chain and accelerate the transformation to an agricultural service provider.The company’s traditional business industry’s business climate has improved, and the farm clothing business has developed steadily. We are optimistic about the long-term performance growth brought about by the company’s two-wheel drive strategy.Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2018-20 to 0.42/0.55/0.66 yuan.Taking into account the improvement of the industry’s estimated level, we raise the target price to 10 yuan and maintain the “Buy” rating. It plans to control Jinsui Group and promises 2019 performance1.3.4 billion.The company intends to purchase 55% equity of Jinsui Group through a combination of issuance of shares, convertible bonds and cash payment (the payment ratio is tentatively set at 75%, 10%, 15%), and the transaction price is expected to be 5.4.8 billion.The target asset promises a performance of 1 in 2019-2022.34/1.68/1.98/2.$ 3.4 billion; if the performance is lower than the promise, the original shareholders of Jinsui Group will compensate the company for 55% of the difference in performance; if it exceeds the promise, the company will reward the original shareholders and the Jinsui management team with more than 35% -45%. The rich planting industry chain has accelerated the transformation to a comprehensive agricultural service provider.Jinsui Group is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise in domestic military agricultural planting and bio-organic fertilizer production. At the same time, it is a leading domestic banana and pitaya production technology. At the same time, it is committed to the recycling of waste resources in the agricultural, forestry and food processing industries.The 夜来香体验网 acquisition is expected to help the company further enrich the planting industry chain and accelerate the transformation to an integrated agricultural service provider; at the same time, it will enter the fruit cash crop market and enhance the company’s profitability. The dealers are initially consolidated and look forward to the company’s long-term development.The company is committed to promoting the two-wheel drive model of “agricultural materials distribution + agricultural services”, and building regional agricultural comprehensive service platforms by participating in outstanding distributors in various places, deriving multiple modules such as agricultural materials distribution, technical services, and agricultural services, and gradually establishing “Big Three Rural Internet Ecosystem “.The company plans to gradually hold 80 dealers in 2018 and increase to 250 in 2020.As of the third quarter of 2018, the company had 49 distributors and 110 participating distributors.Looking forward to the prosperity of the agricultural materials sector, the company’s future long-term transformation and development. Risk factors: The prosperity of the agricultural materials industry is down; the progress of the acquisition is below expectations; the performance of the underlying assets is below expectations. Investment suggestion: The company’s traditional business industry’s business climate has improved, the farm clothing business has developed steadily and gradually consolidated. We are optimistic about the long-term performance growth brought about by the company’s two-wheel drive strategy.Regardless of the acquisition’s thickening performance, the company’s EPS forecast for 2018-20 is maintained at 0.42/0.55/0.66 yuan. Considering the improvement of the industry’s estimated level, we raise the target price to 10 yuan (the original target price was 9 yuan) and maintain the “Buy” rating.

There are four good medicines to solve employee stress

There are four good medicines to solve employee stress

Work pressure is coming quietly.

The British “Financial Times” wrote a few days ago that 5 million people in the UK feel that the work pressure is “very” or “extremely”, and various pressure-related issues cost organizations 3.7 billion pounds a year.

A survey last year showed that there were 41 previously.

1% of office workers face confrontational work pressure, 61.

4% of people are experiencing different levels of mental fatigue.

  Needless to say, stress can be transformed into motivation to a certain extent, but excessive pressure may cause someone to be sluggish and mentally ill at work; once the contrast between stress and ability is too great, the executive will not be able to bear it, and the efficiency will also increase.The lower.

  Therefore, it is necessary for managers to reduce the pressure on their subordinates.

So how can managers do this?

Mr. Su Yonghua, vice president of the Psychological Society.

Su Yonghua believes that the work stress is mainly in the following four aspects. As long as the company leader learns to “appropriately remedy” and adopt different channels to guide different pressure sources, he can help his subordinates get out of excessive stress.

  Stressor 1: The task is too heavy, and the goals are set unrealistically, resulting in the task being impossible to complete.

  Solution: Employees participate in goal setting. Managers must be reasonable when setting goals, so that subordinates have the confidence to complete goals.

From the economic index indicators, if one million is finally completed, then it is naturally impossible to set a target of five million for this year (unless there is a major change in external or itself).

If the expected goal exceeds the scope of the subordinate’s ability, there will be endless pressure on the subordinate.

  In order to avoid too far goals and heavy tasks, managers are better to involve their subordinates in setting work goals, link goal management with participation management, and give executives enough confidence to complete this goal.

  After setting goals, managers must fully authorize their subordinates and provide all necessary resources. Only by giving more support will subordinates become fully confident again.

Because he would feel that there is a strong backing behind him, and he can safely sprint towards the target.

  At the same time, the market is changing. Once force majeure occurs, managers must take the initiative to adjust the target according to market conditions, and must not stubbornly adhere to a goal that cannot be achieved at all.

  Of course, even rushing to the goal desperately, due to different abilities, subordinates still have a lot of situations in which they can’t complete the task. Of course, the manager can implement the relevant system. However, if the manager can do the opposite at this time, Instead of immediately implementing the punishment system, or trying to help the subordinate achieve the next goal, this effect is better.

Because after doing this, other employees will regain confidence and go beyond their energies to achieve their goals, instead of living in a panic of incomplete tasks all day.

  Source two of stress: Due to interpersonal communication problems, conflicts with colleagues around, psychological pressure is very great.

  The solution: treat all as equals and observe that managers must try to improve themselves, first of all, they must have virtuous integrity, do not engage in interpersonal confrontation, promote fair, cooperative, and open-minded work spirit. Under the support of this concept, friction will be greatly reduced.

For those conflicts that already exist, managers should be good at discerning opinions and actively coordinating, communicating and solving.

  For managers, the most important thing is not to be eccentric or to treat them equally.

Anyone can improve, but at this time, you must remind yourself to try to avoid personal preferences affecting work, otherwise it will become worse.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that for those employees with poor ability, the manager needs to pay more attention and take the initiative to care so that he realizes that he has not been discriminated against.Those who are better than their own.

  Stressor 3: Being a multinational company, cultural differences cause personal pressure.

  This way: integration and communication If you are an “foreign” manager, then no matter what advanced management models and concepts you bring, you must remember that before these “Polai products” integrate the company, you firstTo be included in this collective.

As a foreign manager, you need to understand the culture and consistent practices of the local company, and then combine these local concepts to make changes.

  If you are an indigenous manager and have obtained a certain position in a multinational company, then you must learn to change the “ladder” and communicate between Chinese subordinates and foreign bosses to let them know more about each other’s behavior standards andHabits, through effective communication from top to bottom, reduce misunderstandings that may be caused by different cultural backgrounds of the two sides, and avoid the stress that may be caused by them.

  The fourth source of stress: stress from personal life and family.

  Action: Some managers with preventive measures will consider that the personal problems of employees are of many scales and are not suitable for questioning.

But this kind of pressure is often the hardest for employees.

At this time, if you as a manager can imitate the “helping hand”, you will gain the trust of the number of employees.

  For managers, can they have leadership skills in their work and be good at observing. If they see that employees are absent-minded, they must take the initiative to communicate.

  In addition, when subordinates have conflicts due to family and work, managers must prioritize, and must not be “biased” to employees because of their personal leave of absence at critical moments.

Top 10 high-salt foods in the U.S.

Top 10 high-salt foods in the U.S.

Nine out of ten people eat too much salt. Recently, the US website reported the results of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey.

Moreover, the CDC report states that most of the salt that people absorb comes from the table or supermarket of the average family.

Bread is the food that people consume the most.

  The CDC report is based on a survey of 7,200 Americans between 2007 and 2008, including 3,000 children.

The survey showed that the channels through which people consume too much salt are concentrated on 10 foods.

The salt that people absorb from these 10 kinds of food accounts for 44% of the salt volume.

  These 10 kinds of high-salt foods are bread, lunch, pizza, processed and unprocessed poultry, soup, cheese hamburger and sandwich, and cheese. These seven kinds of food account for about 7% of the absorbed salt.

The other three foods account for 3% of the salt intake. They are: spaghetti, meat dishes, and snacks (including potato chips, savory biscuits, and popcorn).

  However, experts point out that among the same foods, sodium content is greater.

For example, a slice of white bread can be between 80-230 mg of sodium.

A cup of chicken noodle soup has a sodium content of 100-940 mg.

The sodium content of 3 ounces of luncheon meat is between 450-1050 mg.

This means that either the above foods cannot be eaten, or the cooking or preparation methods have to be changed to reduce the sodium content.

CDC director Thomas said that if the 10 sodium foods were reduced by 25%, people’s intake of sodium could be reduced by 10%, which could reduce 28,000 deaths each year.

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