Regular massage of the abdomen can grow health


Regular massage of the abdomen can grow health

The abdomen can pass and up and down, divide the yin and yang, go to the old and new, enrich the five internal organs, drive the evils of the external sense, and clear the endogenous diseases.

Modern medicine believes that the abdominal abdomen can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, increase the muscle tension of the inner wall muscles and the function of the lymphatic system, so that the secretion function of the organs in the body is active, thereby enhancing the digestion, absorption and excretion of food.It can improve the peristaltic function of the large and small intestines, and can excrete, prevent and eliminate constipation, which is especially needed for the elderly.

  It is often improved to press the abdomen, and it can also produce a sufficient amount of prostaglandins in the gastrointestinal mucosa, which can effectively prevent excessive gastric acid secretion and prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcer.

The abdomen can also reduce the abnormal accumulation of the abdomen.

This is because the sputum can stimulate the peripheral nerves, through the massage of different strengths of light weight, slow and slow, make the abdominal wall capillaries smooth, promote slight consumption, prevent the body from abdomen, and thus receive a satisfactory weight loss effect.

  Frequently pressing the abdomen will also help the body maintain mental pleasure.

Pressing your abdomen before going to bed helps you fall asleep and prevent insomnia.

For patients with hypertension arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular disease, pressing the abdomen can extinguish the liver fire, making people calm and blood circulation, which helps the good effect of adjuvant therapy.

  The specific operation method of abdomen pressing :: generally choose to go to bed before going to sleep at night and before getting up, emptying the urine, washing your hands, taking the supine position, flexing your knees, relaxing your body, pressing your left hand on the abdomen, palms facing the navel, right hand stackPut it on your left hand.

First, turn the umbilical hern 50 times clockwise, then press 揉 50 times counterclockwise.

When pressing 揉, the force should be moderate, the energy is concentrated, the breathing is natural, and the perseverance will definitely receive obvious fitness effects.

  Obviously, when there is suppurative infection in the abdomen skin or acute attack in the abdomen (such as enteritis, lung qi, appendicitis, etc.), it is not appropriate to press sputum to avoid spreading; diabetes has cancer, and it is not appropriate to press sputum to prevent cancer from spreading or bleeding.
When the abdomen is abdomen, there is a feeling of warmth in the abdomen, a long-term feeling, or a bowel sound, exhaust, etc., which is a normal reaction, and there is no need to worry.

Can acupuncture really lose weight?

Can acupuncture really lose weight?

Abstract: Stomach yang stagnation type eats more food, the stomach is stunned, the voice is red, the tongue is red and greasy, and the pulse is slippery.

Take acupuncture spleen, stomach, lung, lower corner, survival point.

Operation: Use the king to leave the seed paste method, and block the food before eating.

Press 2-3 minutes per hole, 7 days for one course of treatment, and rest for 12 days between treatments.

  Due to various reasons, abnormal accumulation of aggregates in the body, so that the body weight exceeds the standard of more than 20%, that is, need to lose weight.

The disease is more common in middle-aged and elderly people. Except for some endocrine dysfunction or other diseases, most of them are simple obesity. Acupuncture therapy is effective for this type.

Some auricular points and body points in the West can affect the replacement of the vagus nerve, interrupt the hypothalamic saturation signal, thus inhibiting appetite and reducing food intake; some changes the nerve conduction medium (such as serotonin), thereby relieving the brain reaction.The effect of suppressing appetite; some may affect the metabolism of sugar, endocrine and digestive juice secretion process, thereby reducing the effect of low appetite.

  Stomach Yangshuo Sheng type eat more good hunger, the stomach is advancing, the voice is red, the tongue is red and greasy, and the pulse is slippery.

Take acupuncture spleen, stomach, lung, lower corner, survival point.

Operation: Use the king to leave the seed paste method, and block the food before eating.

Press 2-3 minutes per hole, 7 days for one course of treatment, and rest for 12 days between treatments.
  Phlegm-dampness type diabetes edema, fatigue and lethargy, mouth stagnation, women with less menstrual flow or amenorrhea; male impotence or nocturnal emission, tongue swelling, heavy teeth, slow or slippery pulse.

Acupoints: ear spleen, gastric endocrine, adrenal gland (screen tip), triple focus, Shenmen.

Operation: The above points are all pressed with Wang Wang’s seed-pressing method, pressed 3 times a day, each time pressing 2-3 minutes per hole, every 7 days for a course of treatment.

The treatment room can be closed for 2-5 days.

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Acupoints: ear spleen, stomach, heart, small intestine, sputum, liver, lung, subcortical, Shenmen.

Operation: The above points are all pressed with Wang Wang’s seed-pressing method, pressed 3 times a day, each time pressing 2-3 minutes per hole, 7 days for a course of treatment, rest for 3-5 days between treatments.

  Electroacupuncture therapy acupoints: Liang Qiu, Gongsun.

Operation: After the needle is penetrated into the gas, it will be twisted and twisted to reverse the needle feeling.

Then connect the electro-acupuncture instrument in pairs and select the continuous wave type to be able to withstand for 20 minutes.

1 time a day, 7 days for a course of treatment, rest for 3-5 days.

  Acupuncture therapy for acupoints: Zhongmu, Xia, Liangqiu, Gongsun.

Operation: After the needle is penetrated into the gas, use the diarrhea method to find the needle feeling, and increase the amplitude of the squeezing, until the needle feel causes the abdomen.

Then lift the needle to the skin, and then puncture 1 inch along the skin.

Make the needle body and meridians in a “ten” shape, and fix the needle tail with tape to keep the needle for 3 days. Discard the needle acupuncture points every day before meals, each time 2-3 minutes per hole, when there is high temperature, at any time.Can intervene.

Change once every three days, 10 times for a course of treatment.

The treatment room can be closed for 7 days.

  Moxibustion method for acupoints: Yangchi, Sanjiao Yu, ground machine, life gate, Sanyinjiao, big vertebrae.

Operation: Using the ginger moxibustion method, Ai Wei is 1 cm high and the diameter of the bottom is 0.

8 cm, 5-6 strong each time, 1 time a day, 1 month for a course of treatment.

The treatment room can be closed for 7 days.
  Acupoint massage method to take a hole: Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, return.

Operation: The patient takes the supine position and massages one of the points with an electric massager (such as the MD-1 type produced by the 7452 factory in the Beijing Military Region).

Every 40 minutes every day, 25 consecutive treatments are a course of treatment.

Rest for 7 days between treatments.

  During the fat loss period, attention should be paid to limiting the total conversion of the diet and reducing the low-sugar and low-fat foods.

Sports training should be adhered to to increase energy consumption to reduce a small amount of accumulation.The amount of exercise is preferably 110-130 beats per minute.

Patients with cardiovascular disease and other diseases adapt to reduce exercise.

Break through sexual dysfunction in diabetic patients

Break through sexual dysfunction in diabetic patients

Diabetes is an endocrine disease caused by a decrease in starch secretion in the body. It causes metabolic disorders and tissue degenerative diseases, and continuously damages peripheral nerves, autonomic nerves and small blood vessels, which can lead to sexual dysfunction.

  In the end, there is no data to prove that normal sexual life complications are exacerbated or malignant.

On the contrary, diabetics are afraid of sexual life itself, not only for the treatment of diabetes, but also to accelerate the occurrence of sexual dysfunction.

  The most common factors of sexual dysfunction Patients with diabetic dysfunction usually have high psychological stress, and it is necessary to recognize the factors that cause diabetic dysfunction.

In fact, the most common factors that cause sexual dysfunction in diabetic patients include: 1. Reasons for psychological behavior. This includes various psychological factors such as disharmony, anxiety, and depression.

Diabetic patients are prolonged, most of them will have problems such as body fatigue, peripheral neuritis, peripheral neuritis, etc., which will affect the patient’s state of mind, resulting in increased sexual dysfunction.

This is a psychological problem caused by physiological reasons, that is, psychosomatic diseases.

  2, the cause of insufficient hormone secretion Diabetes is an endocrine mutation disorder, some doctors believe that it will affect the secretion of sex hormones to a certain extent.

Nie Wentao believes that in the case of insufficient secretion of sex hormones, taking an aphrodisiac that stimulates the secretion of sex hormones is effective.

However, people with diabetes are often ineffective.

This shows that there is insufficient evidence of insufficient secretion of sex hormones.

  3, microvascular tension causes microvascular congestion in male and female reproductive organs.

Diabetes has been decreasing for a long time, and the microvascular disease is becoming more and more obvious, thus affecting the congestion of the reproductive organs, thereby reducing sexual excitability.

Frequent sexual excitement is reduced, which can cause sexual dysfunction.

  4, neurosensory damage numbness often occurs in the late stage of diabetes, reducing neurosensory sensitivity.

This neurosensory damage is very common in diabetic patients.

Sexual impulses require a high degree of coordination between the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and senses.

Therefore, the metabolic function declines in the late stage of diabetes, leading to neurosensory damage, which is an important cause of sexual dysfunction in diabetic patients.

  5, the motor system causes diabetes for a long time, metabolic function is reduced, resulting in insufficient strength of the transitional muscles, physical decline, etc., can also lead to sexual dysfunction.

  Sugar sex life should not be excessively over-excited According to reports, half of men with diabetes will have impotence, and in women with diabetes, there are too many menstrual disorders, accompanied by loss of libido.

Diabetes patients still subjectively want to have sex. If diabetes is controlled, as long as the patient has sexual ability, moderate sexual life is completely possible.

However, it should be noted that sexual life should not be excessively stressed, otherwise complications of diabetes are unfavorable.

  For existing sugar users with heavier complications, especially when the heart, brain, and kidney are damaged, sexual life should not be excessive, and emotions should not be excited.

After keeping your blood sugar in a safer range, do not repeat your sexual life too much, and don’t be too tired.

If blood sugar is high, sex should be no more than twice a week.

  If treated, diabetes has been controlled, but sexual desire has not recovered, which may also be related to mental factors.

At this time, the wife should give cooperation or comfort to recover the patient’s worry.

  Female diabetics should also actively treat diabetes, and sexual dysfunction can be improved when the condition is controlled.

If a pregnant woman is pregnant, she must go to the hospital to do a comprehensive, detailed pre-pregnancy and prenatal examination to understand the current severity of diabetes, and to continue the pregnancy and the time and manner of delivery.

If you have high blood pressure, it is best to stop the pregnancy so as not to affect the health of the mother and child.

Diet, four degrees can not be ignored

Diet, four degrees can not be ignored

In the elderly, the gastrointestinal mucosa becomes thinner, the glands and small villi gradually shrink, and it is very sensitive to food stimulation. If you eat too hot or too cold food, it will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and affect the digestive function.
Therefore, the temperature of food for the elderly should be 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  In addition to choosing recipes suitable for the elderly, the diet of the elderly should also pay attention to the scientific nature of eating. Do not ignore the following “four degrees.”
  One: speed.
Older people have thinner teeth and lower digestive function. If they are not chewed, they will affect the digestion and absorption of food.
Some elderly people have dentures. If they eat too fast, they can easily swallow the dentures into the esophagus and stomach. The thin wires in the dentures may also break the esophagus and stomach wall, causing gastrointestinal bleeding.
  Second: fullness.
If the elderly are too full, the food can not be fully digested. There will be many undigested chyme groups staying in the intestines for a long time. After the fermentation of the bacteria, more gas will be produced, which will cause bloating and discomfort.
Eating too much is also a heavy burden on the gastrointestinal tract. The liver and stomach ligaments, the stomach ligaments, etc. that support the stomach of the elderly will be loosened by pulling, and thus there is the possibility of sagging stomach.
  The third: temperature.
In the elderly, the gastrointestinal mucosa becomes thinner, the glands and small villi gradually shrink, and it is very sensitive to food stimulation. If you eat too hot or too cold food, it will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and affect the digestive function.
Therefore, the temperature of food for the elderly should be 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  Its four: hardness.
In the elderly, the secretion of salivary amylase, gastric acid, gastric amylase, pancreatic lipase and amylase is reduced, and the intestinal peristalsis is weakened, and the digestive function is poor. If you eat hard food that is not boiled or chewable.It is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer and gastritis.

Mentality is your true master

Mentality is your true master

A philosopher said: “Your mentality is your true master.”

  A great man said: “Or you are driving life, or life is driving you.

Your mindset determines who is the mount and who is the jockey.”

  An artist said: “You can’t extend the length of life, but you can extend its width; you can’t change the weather, but you can control your own mood; you can’t control the environment, but you can adjust your mindset.

“The Buddha said: things turn with the heart, the heart is made by the heart, and the troubles are born by the heart.”

  Dickens said: A sound mindset overcomes power over a hundred kinds of wisdom.

  Emerson said: A person who is always moving toward his goal, the whole world gives way to him.

  . . . These words are simple but classic, incisive, and what kind of mental state a person has will produce some kind of life reality, which is beyond doubt.

Just like doing business, the capital you invest in, the more profits you will get in the future.

  In life, a good attitude can make you optimistic and open-minded; a good attitude can make you overcome the suffering you face; a good attitude can make you indifferent to fame and fortune and live a truly happy life.

The history of civilization for thousands of years of humanity tells us that a positive attitude can help us to obtain health, happiness and wealth.

  First, the mindset determines that a philosopher has said: “Your mentality is your master.

“In real life, we can’t control our own experiences, but we can control our own mentality; we can’t change others, but we can change ourselves.

In fact, there is not much difference between people. The real difference lies in the mentality.

Therefore, whether a person succeeds or not depends mainly on his mentality.

  Second, anger is worse than arrogance. There are good times and adversities in life. It is impossible to be adversity everywhere; there are peaks and valleys in life, and it is impossible to have a valley at all.

Because of the good or the peak of the toenails, because of the adversity or the low valley, the dejected, it is a shallow life.

In the face of setbacks, if you just overcome and get angry, then you are destined to be a weak forever.

  Third, confidence can win the past and the present, many people fail, the reason is not because of incompetence, but because of lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a force and a motivation.

When you are not confident, you are hard to do good things; when you don’t do anything bad, you are even less confident.

This is a vicious circle.

If you want to be free from this vicious circle, you have to fight against failure, you have to establish strong self-confidence.

  Fourth, the heart is more action-oriented than the action, although the action will not necessarily succeed, but the action will not succeed.

Life won’t pay you for what you want to do, nor will you pay for what you know, or because you have something to pay for yourself.

A person’s goal is to start with a dream. One’s happiness is grasped from the mentality, and one’s success is achieved in action.

Because only action, whether to moisturize your successful food and spring water.

  Five, the usual heart is indispensable, life can not be smooth, successful, but also failure; happy, but also lost.

If we look at these ups and downs in our lives too much, then life will never be calm for us, and there will never be laughter.

Life should be pursued, but it will not get into daily happiness for the time being. Therefore, having a normal heart is an essential lubricating agent for life.

  Sixth, giving up in a timely manner will have a harvest, sometimes it will be necessary at the end, and there is no time to ask for it.

Don’t force things that don’t belong to you, learn to give up at the right time.

Maybe when you are exhausted, you will get something you once wanted and can’t get, and you will have an unexpected harvest at this time.

Giving up at the right time is a kind of wisdom.

It will lead you to look more closely at your internal potential and external factors, so that your tired and tired body can be adjusted to become a happy and wise person.

  Blind persistence is not as good as rational giving up.

The person who is struggling to keep the sunset is a stupid person. The person who has been hurting the spring for a long time is a fool.

Anyone who is reluctant to give up often loses more precious things.When you have the right time, give yourself a chance and learn to give up before you can get it.

  Seventh, tolerance is a kind of good saying: “Retreat to the sky and make a little peace of mind.”

“This means that tolerance needs to be between people.”

Tolerance is a virtue that enables one to be respected.

Tolerance is a good medicine that can save a person’s soul.

Tolerance is like a bright light that radiates the light in the darkness and illuminates every soul.

  Eight, the soul that learns to tie the soul to the soul is fragile and needs constant stimulation and comfort.

Often self-motivated, self-recognition, and the soul is very happy.

Learning to loosen the mind is to create a warm harbor for yourself, and often walk in to massage your own tired and tired mind, so that the various parts of the mind are often maintained and maintained.

  Nine, don’t take frustration as a failure to defeat everyone’s life, it will inevitably be frustrated and defeated.

The difference is that the loser always fails the frustration, so that each time can deeply resist the courage of his victory; the winners never give up, always say to themselves in the face of frustration again and again:”I have not failed, not even succeeded.

“A person who has temporarily lost, if he continues to work hard and intends to win back, then his failure today is not a real failure.

On the contrary, if he loses the courage to fight again, it is a real loss.

  Ten, to avoid troubles into heart disease In real life, people who are troubled all day long, in fact, did not encounter too much misfortune, but rooted in the inner world of troubled people.

Therefore, when troubles come, we should not blame others, nor do we renounce ourselves. We must learn to loosen our hearts, psychologically adjust ourselves, and avoid troubles into heart disease.

  Eleven, happiness is actually very simple. Some people say that happiness is spring flowers, summer green shades, autumn wild fruits, and winter snow.

In fact, happiness is around us.

A heartfelt smile, a sincere handshake, and a heart-to-heart conversation are a very happy thing.

Efficient dumbbell exercise, fitness slimming is no longer a long-term battle

Efficient dumbbell exercise, fitness slimming is no longer a long-term battle

Losing weight is a long-lasting battle. The time for exercise is short. It can’t achieve the effect of losing weight. Usually, work is too busy, and there is not much time for exercise to lose weight.

Xiaobian is for those who are tight in time and who are very determined to lose weight. I recommend a sports plan that can be slimmed down in just 20 minutes (the first two weeks), and only 30 minutes when you reach the maximum amount.

It is no longer boring and boring to lose weight and lose weight.

Let’s learn together!


Underarm, bending, and pressing action analysis: Take the dumbbells in your hand, narrow your feet separately, stand straight, face down naturally, palms opposite, abdomen, balance.

Use your heel to support the weight of your body, kneel down and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Even the legs, the elbows are flush with the shoulders, the elbows, and the dumbbells are lifted over the shoulders.

Even above, lift the dumbbell over the top of the head and turn the arm to make the palms facing each other.

Keep your shoulders drooping and the shoulder blades peaceful.

Go back to the starting position.

Exercise area: strengthen the humerus, thigh, quadriceps, biceps, humerus and upper part of the tail.


Analysis of bow and arrow movement and side action: If the action of the first action is directed, the right foot takes a big step forward and the right knee bends; the right knee is inserted into the line with the right foot; the left knee is bent and the heel is raised.

Bend over and raise your arms forward at the ends of your right foot.

Straighten your body and put the dumbbell back to your body. The back foot is topped and the front foot is straight and returns to the initial position.

After the body is upright, do a side lift; raise the upper level and shoulders flat; the elbows and wrists are slightly curved.

Put down the carbon dioxide and return to the initial position.

Then repeat the full action, this time take your left foot.


A full-featured action analysis: expand, the feet are naturally separated, the legs are straight (do not bend), the dumbbells are placed in front of the thighs, and the palms are inward.

Keep your spine in balance, make a hard lift, and bend forward from the front until you feel your thighs open.

Then bend the stress slightly, try to make the shoulder blade close, bend the arm to the outside, bend the elbow slightly, keep an upright flying position, and then concentrate on the thigh.

Tighten your cheekbones and return to the initial pose.

Exercise area: Mainly exercise the thigh ligament, buttocks, back shoulder and upper part of the buttocks.


Analysis of the single-arm movement of the lunge: Take a dumbbell in the right hand, slender, separate feet, the left foot is in front of the right foot, and the feet are 2 feet apart.

The left leg is bent and the left arm is placed on the left leg; tilt forward from the left until the upper half of the body is at a 45-degree angle to the ground (if necessary, hold a chair).

The right arm naturally hangs down, forming a line with the right shoulder and palms inward.

The head, the fracture, the spine and the chest remain in a line.

Try to get the shoulder blades close together; then contract the hip muscles, bend your right arm, and move up and down.

Even the arm and the left arm do the same thing to complete once.

Exercise area: Mainly exercise the middle part of the hip, the back shoulder and some biceps.


Analysis of dumbbell push-ups: lie on a mat, hold a dumbbell and put it on the floor.

The hands are separated, wider than the shoulders, and the palms are facing the floor.

Bend your arms and lower your body until your arms and upper arms are at a 90-degree angle.

Hold your body back to the initial posture.
Exercise area: exercise the cheekbones, front buttocks and triple muscles.
Thinking in the way of professional players.

Athletes never consider when they go to the playground, and prevent other activities from taking up your exercise time.

Retirement of the old TCM health network: In the absence of preparation activities (preparation activities include strength, balance, balance and sensitivity exercises), do not play on the tennis court, ice rink, football field or basketball court.

Exercise is a good way to stay agile, but you avoid getting hurt.

Warm up for 2 to 3 minutes before each exercise: walk, jump, raise your legs, use your own choice of cardio training machine or other instruments.

After each exercise, tremble your muscles

Long color spots are too serious to eat what food can effectively 祛 color spots _1

Long stains are too serious to eat what food can effectively stain spots

Click to buy work pressure, excessive use of cosmetics, long-term sun exposure is the cause of color spots.

Since the stains are slowly growing, why not take a slow conditioning approach to deal with them?

Here is a kind of delicious food for everyone, so that you can “eat” the spots in one bite.
Tomato is known as the “vitamin C warehouse” because it is rich in vitamin C.

It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and the black spots disappear.

Ketchup can also be used directly as a vitamin, both as a paper mask or as a pat massage, all with whitening effect.

  Potatoes and potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose, and also contain trace elements, protein, traces and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and anti-disease process and can effectively help women detoxify their bodies.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore whitening skin to women.

In addition to direct consumption, the potato can also be sliced and applied to the stain, which also has the effect of diminishing the stain.

  Carrots Because carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

The carrots are chopped and smashed, added with honey and evenly applied to the face. It is a healthy homemade skin mask.

  Lemon and lemon are rich in vitamin C, often drink lemon juice, and even white skin, prevent skin vascular aging, eliminate skin pigmentation spots, and also have anti-atherosclerosis effect.

Add rock sugar or honey to the lemon juice to taste, drink and nourish.

  The pea “Compendium of Materia Medica” claims that peas have the effect of “eliminating dark spots and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin.

Eating peas also has the function of swelling and stretching the skin, which can tighten the wrinkles around the eyes.

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