Drink a cup of hawthorn tea in the winter to strengthen the spleen, appetizing and hydrating_1

Drink a cup of hawthorn tea in winter

Hawthorn is a kind of medicinal and edible fruit. It is actually diverse. It can be used for soups, teas, and various delicious snacks such as hawthorn cakes, candied fruits, sweet and sour, appetizing and spleen.favorite.

In this easy-to-dry season in winter, teach everyone to make a delicious hawthorn tea, which not only appetizes and strengthens the spleen, but also moisturizes and hydrates!

Cinnamon Hawthorn Tea Ingredients: 15 grams of dried hawthorn, 3 grams of cinnamon, 3 slices of ginger, 30 grams of brown sugar, water amount Method: 1. Peel and slice the ginger, soak the dried hawthorn and cinnamon with water for 10 minutes, wash away the puddle;Boil in water, boil and boil, add dried hawthorn and boil. After the water is boiled again, add cinnamon, and then add the sliced ginger slices. Finally, pour brown sugar, turn it and continue cooking for 5 minutes before serving.

First, eating hawthorn can eliminate stagnant spleen and appetite. Hawthorn is a well-known medicinal and foodstuff. It can be used as ordinary fruit, and can also be often used as medicine. It can be used as a blind medicine in various formulas.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn is sweet and sour, warm in nature, enters the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians, can be a good medicine for strengthening the spleen and appetizing, digestion and stagnation, and promoting blood circulation and phlegm.Good curative effect.

For women, eating hawthorn can convert blood clots and air masses, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation. Therefore, women with dysmenorrhea often eat hawthorn to effectively activate blood circulation and relieve dysmenorrhea.

From a nutritional point of view, Hawthorn supplemented with vitamin C and fiber, and clinical studies have confirmed that Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum insulin and triglycerides and effectively treat atherosclerosis; Hawthorn can also increase the heart’s contractility and increase the heartOutput, dilate coronary blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and a series of cardiac and prevent angina pectoris.

In addition, the total flavonoids in hawthorn have the effect of dilating blood vessels and persistently lowering blood pressure.

Appropriate consumption of hawthorn in winter can control blood lipids, lower blood pressure and promote health.

Second, people with stomach problems should not drink more hawthorn tea. Hawthorn tea is a common dietary regimen, but for people with stomach problems, it should not be too much.

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has a strong digestive function, so people with stomach problems should not drink hawthorn tea on an empty stomach, especially patients with hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric ulcers, reflux gastritis, reflux esophagitis.This.

Want to reduce blood fat by drinking hawthorn tea, not in a short time.

It must be done every day in order to reduce blood lipids and soften blood vessels.

If you add cassia seeds, which can reduce blood pressure, anti-oxidant Polygonum multiflorum in hawthorn tea, the effect will be better.

A daily dose of 25 grams of hawthorn is appropriate.

Why do urbanites love to watch horror movies?

Why do urbanites love to watch horror movies?

Today, thrilling horror movies have become the new favorite of urbanites.

Closing the door, unplugging the phone, cell phone, and watching a horror movie have become a favorite way of leisure for many urbanites.

In addition to investigating the reasons for watching horror movies, in addition to releasing pressure and pursuing excitement, it is hoped that facing real human nature has become the deep-seated reason for urban people to watch horror movies.

  White-collar Xiao Zhao, who often watches horror movies, told reporters that the main reason is that I feel very tired at work and feel particularly able to release stress after watching a movie.

  Zong Chunshan, director of the Beijing Psychological Association, said: “When watching horror movies, people are in a state of extreme tension, and after watching it, their mood is suddenly relaxed.

The pursuit of this relaxed experience after tension is a common mentality of many people who like to watch horror movies.

Zong Chunshan said that seemingly virtual plots in horror movies often project certain problems in real society, reflecting some primitive intentions, which show real humanity in an abnormal way.

Therefore, this kind of story that reflects people’s true humanity, while bringing people a deep level of fear, also meets the needs of people’s subconscious.

  Zong Chunshan also said that due to the special nature of the horror movie, it is not suitable for everyone to watch.

For example, younger children with poor discrimination skills are not suitable for watching horror movies.

Because he is likely to imitate some of the illusory plots in the movie, and may have a wrong understanding of the real society.

Teach you to be lazy about six situations


Teach you to be lazy about six situations

Is there something wrong with your skin?

Lazy beauty tips, teach you to use lazy skin care.

  Case 1: After bathing, excessively high water temperature and cleansing ingredients cause the body’s skin to dry, especially the calves and joints, which are often very dry and must be applied in time.

  Frequent lazyness: Does it take 20 minutes to apply body milk after bathing?

Too troublesome, don’t paint it!

  Lazy Beauty Tips: You can choose some bath products that add essential oil ingredients. Many body scrubs contain moisturizing essential oil ingredients.

You will find that after taking a shower, your body is still smooth and not dry, and avoid omitting body milk.

The simpler way to diy is: in the last step of the bath, apply a layer of olive oil to the wet body, and then flush.

Even after drying the body, it does not absorb body milk, and it does not dry up.

  Case 2: Applying eye cream requires proper massage for better absorption.

Everyone knows that you need to tap with a ring finger called a “beauty finger,” but strength and time are just as important.

  Frequent lazyness: Although there are detailed massage exercises, I have no patience to press it around the eyes for so long!

  Lazy Beauty Tips: Teach you a simple “one-step” eye massage without the trouble of your ring finger.

Just support your elbows on the contraction, then let the right side sag naturally into your palm, and support the eye socket with the root of the palm covered with eye cream.

Hold the posture for 15 seconds, you can feel the sour skin around the eyes, very soothing, and can easily achieve the effect of massage.

  Case 3: The importance of sunscreen has been focused by the major media and beauty experts, and the reason for sunscreen all year round has been deeply diffracted.

  Frequent lazyness: maintenance steps are tedious enough, and you need to add sunscreen?

And it takes 20 minutes to go out after applying sunscreen!

Forget it, put on the sunglasses.

  Lazy beauty tips: Even lazy sunscreen should be applied. If you really don’t like this step, then replace the day cream, liquid foundation and powder with sunscreen values-although the sun protection index in these products will not be very highHigh, and the sun protection value can not be superimposed, but research has proved that: to achieve a certain thickness and dosage, is also a key factor in the effectiveness of sun protection.

So change your cosmetics to sunscreen.

  Case 4: The condition of the skin is not good, and the best way to apply makeup is to apply a mask.

Whether it is a celebrity or a supermodel, this trick is used, and many famous makeup artists will carry a mask with them and apply it to makeup subjects at any time.

  Frequent lazyness: It is very painful to get up in the morning. How to extend the mask for 15 minutes?
Lazy Beauty Tips: Lotion is the first step in moisturizing, and it is also a magic weapon to quickly promote skin hydration.

If you use lotion to increase the degree of moisturization, then you should use a pat method: After using the lotion to fully wet the cotton pad, pat it on the entire face, especially where it is easy to dry, and put the cotton pad on your cheek.The part helps to align for 10 seconds.

If you are too lazy to do this, then soak 3 lotion cotton pads directly into the lotion, then tear each piece of texture into two halves, and apply these 6 pieces to the forehead, jaw, nose and chin respectively, which is the best simplicity.Mask.

  Case 5: Perfume is a beautiful weapon that women must have. Many women will have the feeling that if they haven’t sprayed perfume before going out, they will feel like wearing no clothes.

  Frequent laziness: I can’t remember to spray perfume, and sometimes it is difficult to control the dosage.

  Lazy beauty tips: In addition to the secret to using perfume, as we usually know, spray perfume on the arteries, but also make the perfume stay as long as possible.

Senior perfume company PR teaches us this trick: spray perfume on the alignment, calf and foot, so that you can keep your fragrance longer.

What’s even more wonderful is that when you appear in a restaurant or bar where the smell is very complicated, your perfume will definitely not cause damage to others, because the fragrance is slowly spreading from the bottom up.

  Scenario 6, whether you are at work or dating, you must always wear light makeup to make yourself look more energetic.

The perfect foundation is the most important foundation for makeup, and the proper embellishment of eye makeup can make women attractive.

  Often lazy: knowing that makeup can cover up tiredness, but really do not have time to put on makeup again, and getting up in the morning for 10 minutes is more precious than anything.

  Lazy Beauty Tips: Applying makeup with your fingers is the most time-saving way.

Use your fingers to easily dim the skin, draw two foundations at multiple thick pores in the pores, and then pat them all around to absorb evenly. Then add a little more to the two areas with better skin conditions to improve the complexion.

Use your fingers to apply cream blush on the laughing muscle. It is not only fast, but also more natural. It looks like a natural flush on your face after you sleep enough.
Using your fingers to apply eye shadow is also very simple, you just need to imagine your fingers as a “wiper wiper”, swipe back and forth on the eyelids and it is OK.

Psychological Perspective: How Korean Men and Women Get along

Psychological Perspective: How Korean Men and Women Get along

I have been to Korea for many years and I have seen a lot of men and women in Korea. I am quite interested in the relationship between men and women in Korea.

It ‘s just a lot of habits and psychology that I can understand and understand so far, maybe everyone just faces similar, but the cultural roots are very different.

Moreover, the difference in the levels of men and women directly affects the roles and roles of two of them in society. Perhaps this is also the key point of the subtleties in the way that Korean men and women get along.

  ”Men (female) friends” is not the same as “love” when they first came to Korea.

What is the difference between a male (female) friend and a lover?

But Koreans are clearly divided.

A lover is someone who will enter the marriage hall with you, but a male or female friend may not.

In the eyes of Koreans, if two people call each other male (female) friends, then everyone is still in the stage of like each other. As for the future, it has not been considered.

Once the two see each other’s parents and start talking about marriage, they immediately rise to the stage of love.

Therefore, many Koreans who call each other male and female friends are, in a sense, a state of ‘more than friends, but not full lovers’.

  There can be many “male (female) friends”, and “lover” can only have one reduced from some of the above, which is well understood.

Korean men sometimes like to show off their girlfriends, and as many as possible are better.

In their opinion, it doesn’t matter if the girlfriend makes more.

That’s why the taxi uncle solemnly told me whether you have a girlfriend in China or not, you should find one in Korea.

Before that, there was a Chinese girl who met a Korean exchange student in China, and the two fell in love at first sight.

After the boy exchange period expired, he returned to South Korea.

The girl Si Jun was eager and came to South Korea to visit the boy not far away, only to find that the boy had several girlfriends in South Korea.

Of course, although this phenomenon is common in South Korea, not all Korean men do.

  After getting married, there can still be “boy (girl) friends”. There are often married Koreans who will introduce you: this is my girlfriend.

Note that it is a girlfriend, not a wife.

At this time, do not think that this man is engaged in extramarital affairs.

For many Korean men, it is not a shame to know a few girlfriends outside of their wives. They never talk about introducing their girlfriends to friends, or even unfamiliar friends.

However, many of these male and female friends may just come out to drink and have fun.

New to Korea, I’m very confused about this.

I think why Korean men are fluttering colorful flags, and then I understand a bit, this is a way and means for Korean men to show off their charm and parts.

Like some people in China.

  Between husband and wife, when respecting each other is a good thing, when couples are respecting each other, it is a good thing.

Either Korean couples or lovers, they are ashamed of being too ambiguous or intimate in front of everyone.

The difference between men and women in Korean society has caused most Korean women to become housewives after they get married. Therefore, wives who have no income must look at their husbands’ lives.

That’s why many Korean women play their roles as wives.

But the result of this division of labor is that men often do whatever they want after work, just like going out to chat with friends, drink or entertain.

And when men are not at home, women also choose to do something they like.

This situation is in China, and the wife will surely continue, but Korean couples often feel that each has their own wonderful.

  Once, a South Korean teacher enthusiastically invited us to go to his house as a guest. We didn’t want to go, but the hospitality was difficult.

Arrived at the teacher’s house at 8 pm, her wife helped out, and went out, saying it was going to the gym.

Two little children, the oldest went to learn English, and the youngest did homework in the living room.

We talked for more than an hour, during which I sighed in silence, for a family, everyone is busy at such a night, isn’t it a bit deserted, but in South Korea, this is not surprising.

  In fact, it ‘s strange or not understand, my choice is to accept it.Because every place and country have different cultures and habits.

We cannot just judge that this is bad, that is good.

So when you have a lot of experience, you will not feel embarrassed when you get along with people from other countries in the future.

Five-step health care law improves men’s sexual vitality

Five-step health care law improves men’s sexual vitality

Introduction: Enhance sexual function and maintain sexual ability can not be achieved through “sex exercises”.

Adhere to exercise every night before going to bed, you can evacuate the meridians, boost the sun, nourish the kidneys, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and enhance sexual function.

In the first quarter, rub and hold the penis on your back with your palms facing each other, rub the penis for 1-2 minutes, and then use the thumb and index finger of both hands from the root of the penis to the glans repeatedly for 2 minutes.

It should be gentle, concentrated, and rubbed until the penis is upright.

In section 2, if the finger is stimulated to transport the bus to and from work every day, you can use your index finger to hook the handrails or rings in the car; you can also use your two index fingers to hook and repeatedly pull in your spare time; or use the umbrella handle to massage the index finger.
The index finger is the pathway of the human body’s meridian “colonial meridian”, and the tip of the index finger is the “Shangyang” acupoint.

Stimulating this acupuncture point has obvious effect of strengthening the essence and impotence.

And this method is not limited by the occasion and time, and it is easy to implement.

In the third quarter, push the interstellar ring on your back, use your right hand, the big interstellar, to push from the pubic hair along the top of the scrotum, diagonally to the perineum, and then push back from the right side of the scrotum.

Push it 20-30 times a day. From time to time, flip the scrotum and penis, and feel that the penis has the best erection.

In the fourth quarter, rub the side of Qiangshen Shen deeply, and repeatedly rub Momo Shenshu with the palm roots of both hands.

5 inches) for about 1 minute, then rub the coccyx bone repeatedly, about 2 minutes.

The power of rubbing can be greater, with local skin reddish and warm feeling better.

In the fifth quarter, push your abdomen with your palms on your back, overlap your hands, and push along the midline of the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen. Repeat 20 times.

Then push down from the lower edge of the costal arch on both sides to the base of the thigh, and repeat 20 times.

Then massage around the belly button clockwise and gradually expand to the entire abdomen.

After 2-3 minutes, massage the abdomen in the same way in a counterclockwise direction for 2-3 minutes.

Experts need to pay attention to the following aspects when practicing aerobics: calm down and relax physically during massage.

The force should be appropriate, because the strength is too small to achieve the stimulating effect that is too large, it is easy to produce fatigue and easily damage the skin.

Tuina pays attention to step by step, the number of times should be from small to large, and the intensity can be gradually increased.

In addition, it is advisable to keep it constant, taking 20 minutes at a time, preferably in the morning and evening, such as before getting up in the morning and before going to bed.

Because you will sweat slightly after massage, you should avoid wind to prevent colds.

Don’t do health massage when you are full, full, full of alcohol or tired.

White-collar women are crazy

White-collar women are crazy

One night she turned into “spicy sweetness who wanted to have sex” (I knew it was a fifth-grader), and through a video, she and a man were naked and inspected each other on the Internet, and finally decided to meet at a famous bookstore.

  They met, and the other was a strong young man with glasses who seemed to be strong.

In the toilet, he sat on the toilet, she sat up again, and then she crouched on the toilet. He entered from the back to the end. She didn’t make a sound in the middle. She was really a master.

Then she went home with him, and tried to insert from various angles, such as front, side, leg splits, Paris Tower, and peacock opening screen. She also moaned loudly until the sweat dripped and exhausted.

  When he put on his clothes, he even shouted her name correctly, and knew where she was going to work. For a while, Miss A’s back was cold, and it was more terrifying than seeing a ghost.

  He is a legal assistant at another firm, preparing to take a lawyer’s license, and often sees her during internships in court.

He remembers when he first saw her, he was working with another female assistant in the office on a written lawsuit in the district court, and the two also had a passion in the toilet by the way to relieve work pressure.

When coming out of the toilet, she saw Miss A in the corridor in a monochrome suit that deliberately hinted at breast enhancement and thin waist, her hair was meticulously combed.

At that time, he thought that she should be an office worker who looks like a fierce girl, but not so much in her bones, but she did not expect that she is also a sexually addicted person like him.

  He has always thought that only men have sex addiction, like former US President Clinton, movie star Mike Douglas, and recent examples are Holly Berry’s husband, and Angelina Jolie’s movie husband Billy Bob Thornton.

Among them, Thornton also went to the hospital for help. As a result, his brother turned into a female psychoanalyst, which was really “professional”!

  In 1987, when Dr. Patrick Carnes of the United States coined the term “sexual addiction,” he pointed out that in the United States, about 8% of men have similar habits and 3% of women.

The Sexual Recovery Institute of the United States pointed out that women who are sexually addicted say that they would rather be called “in love with addiction” because it is in line with the amorous and romantic nature of women, just some traditionalOne-to-one relationship.

  Symptoms of sex addiction, such as Clinton, may be considered romantic and brave, but they are applied to women, just like nymphos, prostitutes or prostitutes.

Sexual addiction has never been male or female. Generally speaking, it is through continuous pluralistic relationships to gain control of sexual fantasies and behaviors. It also often travels between multiple unfaithful relationships. True love is always left toNext sir.


  Generally speaking, even if you go to bed with someone (even just “fuck” in the toilet or car), you will not know that the other person has this habit, but some patients may be unable to get sexual relief immediately, orSexual depression caused by psychological guilt leads to crazy fights, overeating, or drug abuse.

  It is rumored in Taiwan that a “senior” female artist usually takes up NT $ 200,000, but if there is safe sex (sex and drug parties), give her top ecstasy or drugs, and play whatever she wants.

  Another possible transfer symptom is workaholics and escape from sex.

Like when Miss A was hit by a colleague, although she knew that she would not fall in love with a single flower, she still felt a deep guilt. She did not dare to go online for two months, and did not even need a massage stick.Like crazy, he didn’t sleep for three days and three nights.

  When she started using the massage stick later, Miss A fainted for several hours as soon as she reached orgasm.

  Knowing that the problem was serious, she turned to her good friends and psychologists.

Although the doctor understood this situation, it was the first time she encountered the girl, and she seemed to be a little scared, but Miss A had a “complaint” thrill and almost gave her phone number to the doctor.

Skin test to save poisoned skin

Skin test to save poisoned skin

PART1 Take a look at the following 12 situations. How many of you answered yes?

The more “yes” answers, the more toxins accumulate in your skin, and the more urgent it is for you to detoxify.

  1. The work pressure in these two months is particularly high, I often work overtime, and I am used to falling asleep in the early morning.

(Yes, no) 2. The color of the skin seems to have deepened a lot recently. Of course, it is definitely not the kind of healthy wheat skin, but a dull tan.

(Yes, no) 3. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I find that the skin is not shiny and looks very obscure.

(Yes, no) 4. When I saw my former colleagues on the way to work, they all said that you looked a lot better.

(Yes, no) 5, three meals are not scheduled, most of them are take-out or snacks.

(Yes, No) 6. The weather is cold, but the oil output from the bladder has worsened.

(Yes, no) 7. There are acne and acne on the cheek forehead and chin.

(Yes, No) 8. The inherent spot color becomes heavy.

(Yes, no) 9. The skin is dry and rough and feels bad to the touch.

(Yes, No) 10. The skin resistance decreases and it is easy to produce allergies.

(Yes, No) 11. There are fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and mouth, although they are not very obvious.

(Yes, no) 12, dark circles and bags under the eyes are unsolicited, but you always insist on using eye cream morning and night.

(Yes, no) Where does PART2 toxin come from?

  What exactly promotes the growth of toxins?

And why does the toxin cross the skin’s layers of barriers and reach deep into the skin?

In the face of poisoned skin, the first thing we need to do is to find all the sources that make the skin poisoned.

  1Environmental pollution-There is a natural enzyme detoxification system in our body, which can purify deep cells, neutralize “epidermal toxins”, and convert them into harmless substances.

When the environment is degraded by huge pollution, so that the natural enzyme detoxification system does not work properly, it leads to the accumulation of epidermal toxins and cannot be eliminated normally.

  2 Computer radiation-Computers, copiers, mobile phones and other modern office and living equipment, while optimizing efficiency, also produce radiation from the skin, leading to the accumulation of toxins.

  3 Excessive stress-Excessive stress directly affects people’s mental state, diet and sleep.

When these are disrupted, the normal circulation in the body, metabolism and cell regeneration, and oxygen transport will also become chaotic, so that toxins cannot be eliminated normally.

  4 Inadequate maintenance-The greasy, old keratin and dirt accumulated on the skin surface will leak to the skin’s inner layer to form toxins if not removed in time.

And the poor quality skin care products contain lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals also poison the skin.

  5 Excessive tobacco and alcohol-even cigarettes with very low coke content and light beer with 10% alcohol content can cause toxins in the body. These aggressive chemicals will damage skin cells and will damage connective tissue and gradually skinCells die prematurely.

  6 Cumulative sun exposure-UV rays have irreversible damage to the skin. After long-term cumulative sun exposure, the skin’s ability to resist free radicals weakens, metabolism will naturally slow down, and melanin will stay deep in the skin and cannot form toxins.

  7 Lack of exercise-Exercise is the best way to promote the body’s metabolism and eliminate waste. For women who have been sitting in the office for a long time and lack exercise, the poor daily exercise just promotes the accumulation of toxins.

  PART3 is not only moisturizing when the detox is in progress. The most obvious condition of skin poisoning is often rough and dry skin, so many people mistakenly believe that as long as moisturizing is strengthened, skin “poisoning” can be alleviated.

Not really.

For example, poisoned skin is like a dirty pool. If you do n’t filter it, you will repeatedly inject water, and it will still show a dull and opaque skin.

Therefore, how to detoxify should be the top priority of skin care, not just hydration.

  2 Help the pores to detoxify. The pores that are greasy dirt can’t naturally remove toxins. In addition to doing a thorough clean every day, a thorough cleansing in a beauty salon or a steam bath or sauna once a week can also help speed up metabolism and detoxify the skin.

  3 Multi-level intake of vitamins Vitamin C has the ability to inhibit the activity of pigmented melanocytes, can promote the microcirculation of blood vessels, and eliminate toxins in skin tissues; and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can resist free radicals against the skin, makingThe blood in the skin is bright and clean; vitamin A can protect the epithelial tissue of the skin, change the aging skin quality and dull skinPoisoning.
  4 green tea detoxification beauty green tea contains vitamins E and C, which can significantly reduce the production of reactive oxygen species, accelerate cell metabolism, reduce free radicals caused by ultraviolet light and pollution, prevent toxins from invading skin cells and effectively sterilize and detoxify.Skin is white and soft.

You can use skin care products containing green tea ingredients, you can also drink two cups of green tea drinks every day, or simply chew green tea directly, can achieve the effect of detoxifying beauty and even slimming.

  5 table salt honey detoxification table salt anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect is improved, in fact, its detoxification effect is also very unique.

If you have oily skin poisoning, try mixing a small spoon of salt with honey, apply it on your face and gently massage for five minutes, then wash it off with water.Salt has a deep cleansing effect on the skin’s pores, while honey water can replenish skin nutrition in a timely manner, once a day in the morning and evening, to help remove skin toxins.

  6 Brown sugar detox that is popular in Japan This detox method that is popular in Japan is reasonable. According to analysis, the special “molasses” contained in brown sugar has a powerful “detoxification” effect, and contains carotene, riboflavin, and tobacco.Acids, amino acids, glucose and other ingredients have strong anti-oxidant and repairing effects on cells, which can make subcutaneous cells grow quickly after detoxification to avoid pigment rebound.

Therefore, try detoxifying with brown sugar.

Consuming brown sugar water directly is a method, or using brown sugar, papaya puree and olive oil to make a mask, which is used to apply face and massage the skin, it also has good results.

Baby ride safety protection awareness

Baby ride safety protection awareness

Nowadays, the safety of riding is gradually recognized, but the knowledge of riding safety of babies is ignored by many families.

According to surveys, more than 50% of driving parents do not have the correct consciousness of baby safety protection.

It is urgent to be alert to your baby’s accident!

  Accident: No matter whether you are in a private car or a bus, many parents are accustomed to having a baby on the bus, thinking that it is safe.

In fact, when a car collides at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the weight of the objects in the car will increase 30 times, meaning that a baby weighing about 30 kg will “turn” into a launch weighing 1 ton at the moment of the collision.At this time, the mother couldn’t hold the baby at all.

If possible, instead of protecting the baby, the mother may squeeze the baby. In severe cases, it may even cause the baby’s internal organs to bleed.

  Countermeasures for mothers do not waste the baby on the car, if possible, let the baby sit on her own as far as possible, the mother just needs to pay attention to care.

In addition, the baby chooses to sit in a seated posture facing the back of the seat, and holding the seat back tightly with both hands is also very helpful to reduce the impact of a car accident or sudden braking on the head.

  Accident: Inertial stabbing of emergency braking When a sudden braking occurs, the baby is extremely susceptible to excessive inertia momentum and causing injury.

The proportion of babies to adults, the proportion of the head in the body is large, causing it to be subjected to force, especially the babies under the age of one year, the bones are very fragile, and they are more vulnerable to fatal injuries.

  When the mother is taking a self-driving car, preparing a baby-specific safety seat or a safety seat cushion for the baby can effectively prevent the danger of sudden braking.

However, it should be noted that when the baby has not weighed more than 10 kilograms, do not place the baby’s safety seat facing forward on the back seat, so as to prevent the seat from falling forward when braking.

The correct way is to lay the baby’s safety seat flat on the diagonally behind the driver so that it is safe.

  Accident: Investigation of canvas impact shock injury shows that more than 50% of parents currently tie their baby to the front passenger seat when driving with them.

In fact, the airbag in the front seat of a car is safe for adults, but it is very dangerous for babies.

Because the baby’s musculoskeletal is more fragile, dangerous situations such as baby’s rib fractures can be caused by the impact of the bladder when the bladder is opened.

  Mothers are advised not to sit in the co-driver’s seat when taking the car. For babies over 4 years old who are no longer suitable for safety seats, they must also pay attention to the correct use of seat belts.

Because the baby’s height is not high enough, if you use the seat belt suitable for adults in the back seat of the car directly, it may cause the seat belt to pass over the baby’s neck, causing a strangulation or cut.

The best solution is to add a baby-specific safety height-increasing seat cushion in the car, put the baby cushion to the adult height, and then fasten the seat belt.

How can men do less food, food, conditioning

How can men do less food, food, conditioning

Arginine foods in the diet, you need to pay attention to eat more arginine-containing foods.

Mainly because arginine is good for sperm production, which is essential for the manufacture of sperm.

For arginine-rich foods such as soybeans and their products, such as yam, ginkgo, sea cucumber, pumpkin and so on.

Need to pay attention to is to avoid celery.

Trace element zinc, vitamin E trace element zinc, vitamin E if it is lacking, this will lead to less refined.

For zinc, there is an effect on the number of sperm and survival rate. If it is zinc deficiency, it will lead to atrophy of the vas deferens, so it can be supplemented with zinc.

Foods containing high levels of zinc in life include oysters, seafood, animal liver, beef, seaweed, etc. Oysters contain high cholesterol and should not be eaten every day.

Foods containing sex hormones should be eaten with some supplemental sex hormones: such as sheep, pigs, dogs, chicken liver, testes, and bullwhip. These foods can promote the production of spermatogonia and the production of mature sperm, which is very good.

Eat more sugary food, what is the good for men?

If the concentration of fructose in semen is low, it is easy to cause death syndrome.

Fruits with fructose in honey, such as pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, must be noticed by the disturbance signal.

What to do when the elderly are short of breath

What to do when the elderly are short of breath

Recently, the weather has become warmer, and outdoor activities for the elderly have also increased.

Due to the decline of the cardiopulmonary function of the elderly, many elderly people often experience symptoms such as shortness of breath and palpitation after activities.

Many people think that this is just normal after the event.

As everyone knows, the shortness of breath in the elderly may indicate a variety of cardiopulmonary diseases.

Once the symptoms of shortness of breath occur, its nature must be clarified first.

  Shortness of breath is most common.

Under normal circumstances, the elderly will have shortness of breath and palpitation after cardiovascular exercise.

As long as a short break can relieve, this condition is a physiological shortness of breath.

Physiological shortness of breath generally has no other accompanying symptoms.

  Shortness of breath is accompanied by cough, cough and other symptoms, often suggesting lung disease.

Shortness of breath is an early manifestation of chronic diseases such as lung cancer and pleural effusion, and the increasing symptoms of shortness of breath are also important signs of severe emphysema. For example, if you could climb three floors before, you can now breathe after climbing the second floorShortness of breath has worsened and you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

  Shortness of breath with angina may be coronary heart disease.

Heart disease (coronary heart disease) is also an important cause of shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath caused by heart disease usually occurs after being overworked, emotionally excited, and accompanied by discomfort in the precardiac area.

If you have chronic shortness of breath, and have a history of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, you need to consider serious diseases such as heart failure.

It is also important to go to the hospital early to avoid delays in treatment.

  The occurrence of shortness of breath helps to calm down the patient first. You can calm the patient and drink a cup of warm water; patients with shortness of breath often open their mouths to breathe air, so the tracheal mucosa is easy to dry. A cup of hot water can be used to let the patient inhale hot steamWet airway mucosa.

It seems that there are many respiratory diseases in spring, so we must prevent influenza and pollen allergies.

Regularly open windows and ventilate regularly, pay attention to hygiene, strengthen exercise and enhance immunity.

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