Five major health problems for children!

Five major health problems for children!

1. Malnutrition and obesity.

  The problem of malnutrition and obesity coexists in elementary and middle school students. Due to the number of both types of population, this situation is known by experts as a “double-peak phenomenon.”

  Nationally, malnutrition among children is always relatively concentrated in the west, but in Beijing, among malnourished children aged 6-18, malnourished children also account for 6% to 7%.

The causes of malnutrition in these young people have led to the transformation of the west, insufficient protein intake, but partial eating, picky eating, excessive snacking, excessive dieting in pursuit of model body, and so on.

With the malnutrition score, the more serious problem is obesity.

Obese children have grown at an alarming rate in the past two years. Obese children account for about 15% of elementary and middle school students in Beijing. This figure has doubled from 10 years ago. Therefore, it is urgent to prevent obesity from increasing.

Obesity has an impact on the psychological development of adolescents. Obesity in children can cause adult obesity, which can lead to hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

At present, these diseases have shown a trend of aging.

  2. Myopia.

  In 1998, middle and primary school students in developing countries ranked fourth in the world for myopia; in 1999, China has leapt to the second place in the world, behind Japan.

In cities, the myopia rate remains high and continues to increase, while in rural areas it has increased significantly.

Heavy schoolwork and long eye use are the primary cause of myopia in adolescents.

And the occurrence of myopia has advanced.

In the past, the focus of preventing myopia was after the age of 9, and now parents and schools should start preventing myopia in children’s kindergarten and primary school.

At the same time, after reducing the burden of schoolwork, parents should pay attention that children should not use their eyes too much at home. Watching TV, playing video games, and watching CDs for too long can cause eye damage.

  3, dental caries.

  At present, the incidence of dental caries in primary and middle school students is not high compared with the world level, but the problem of broken teeth is not prominent in time.

Some children have broken permanent teeth at an early age.

The contracted teeth should be repaired in time, even the deciduous teeth, because excessive replacement of the deciduous teeth will affect the arrangement of the permanent teeth after they grow.

  4. Anemia.

  The problem of anemia is always similar to the malnutrition of children in big cities. This anemia is not caused by lack of food, but is related to lack of dietary habits and nutritional knowledge.

For example, some parents may not know that using an iron pot for copying vegetables can virtually add a lot of iron to their children.

Another example is drinking orange juice before meals, eating tomatoes can promote iron absorption; and drinking tea after a meal is not conducive to iron absorption.

In addition, although milk and eggs contain iron, it is difficult to absorb, while lean meat and pig liver can easily absorb iron.

With this knowledge, it is easy to correct anemia.

  5. Mental health issues.

  At present, there are excessive shyness, timidity, fear of violence, worry, depression and other psychological problems among elementary and middle school students, especially when facing pressures such as further education, employment, and early love.

Experts predict that the future budget, the occurrence of psychological problems in elementary and middle school students, and the upward trend in submission, so society, teachers, and parents should pay full attention to this issue.

Sneezing can also expose your mental character

Sneezing can also expose your mental character

A new study found that when a person sneezes, she or he can spin 100,000 bacteria into the air at 100 miles per hour.

Sneezing may also reveal certain aspects of a person’s inner world.

The female of the agency “Benadryl” who proposed the “sneeze IQ test” is called Patty?

Wood announced the findings.

  Sneezing shows that most people have specific sneezing patterns, which are closely related to personality characteristics.

This summed up the type of personality that sneezes lightly, and we will know when we look at it.

  1. “Careful sneezing” looks carefully: the sneezing sound is very low, and even the feeling is choked back so as not to disturb others.

Dirt from the tip or loud sound.

Such people are attentive and responsible, like reading and thinking, and always think twice about what they do.

  2. The distinctive enthusiasm characteristics of “enthusiastic sneezing” are: the sound of sneezing is strong, and it often brings forth innovative ideas, strong insights, can inspire and stimulate people’s fighting spirit, be aware of interpersonal relationships, and be passionate about new people and new possibilities, And optimistic, strong independence, good eloquence, good at expression, like to communicate with others.

  3. The “direct sneeze” watch is capable of sneezing loudly, and it will hit several in a row.

Such people are decisive, resolute, capable, simple, do not want to rely on anyone, strong personality, high efficiency, clear love and hate.

  4. The characteristics of “elegant sneezing” are: polite, elegant, moderate voice, and often cover your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief. It is similar to humans, friendly, unrestrained, avoid conflict, be kind to people, loyal, calm and worthy.Trust, will listen carefully to the personality of others, and help others.

  Sneezing should be beneficial to avoid harm. Sneezing is both good and bad. Sneezing may also be a cause of certain diseases.

For example, it causes sudden increase in blood pressure in the head, neck and neck.

Sometimes it can also cause tympanic membrane rupture due to increased pressure in the airways and ears; even lumbar muscle damage or lumbar disc herniation due to strong reflex lumbar muscle contraction.

  Sneezing can spread the virus around and pose a threat to the surrounding population.

Remember, the correct way is not to face the other person when sneezing. Use a handkerchief or toilet paper to gently cover your nose and nose. It is necessary to let the sneeze come out and prevent the droplets from spreading away.

Stomach nourishing recipes for a good stomach

Stomach nourishing recipes for a good stomach

Irregular meals, gobbling, smoking and drinking, and other bad living eating habits, will eventually lead to “injury” in the stomach, but a poor stomach can make you unhappy with food and make you suffer from stomach pain.

So for those patients with chronic stomach disease, what can eat to nourish the stomach?

Here are a few recipes for nourishing your stomach.

  Osmanthus heart porridge was 50 grams previously, osmanthus heart was 2 grams, and poria was 2 grams.

Previously Mi Taojing.

Add Osmanthus fragrans and Poria to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with Wuhuo, and then simmer for 20 minutes with simmering heat.

For the previous rice, put the soup in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with the wuhu, then use the simmer to cook until the rice rots into porridge.

Take once daily for breakfast and dinner.

  Fresh glutinous rice porridge with fresh glutinous rice, 100 grams of rice, brown sugar is similar.

Wash the fresh ravioli and cut into thin slices.

Put the previous rice, ravioli and brown sugar in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with Wuhuo, and then turn to wenhuo until the rice rots into porridge.

Served twice daily for breakfast and dinner.

  Orange honey drink oranges, 50 grams of honey.

Soak the oranges in water to remove the acidity, then cut into 4 petals.

Put the oranges and honey into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts heat, and then cook over low heat for 20-25 minutes. Remove the oranges and leave the juice to serve.

Substitute tea.

  Chinese wolfberry soup powder 25 grams of wolfberry, 50 grams of powdered lotus root.

Boil the lotus root powder with a small amount of water over low heat, and then add wolfberry. After boiling, it is edible.

100-150 grams twice daily.

  Orange Peel Porridge 25g fresh orange peel, previous rice 50g.

After washing the fresh orange peel, cut into pieces, cook with the previous rice, and eat after the previous rice is cooked.

Take it once a day for breakfast.

  Honey peach juice drink 20 grams of honey, one fresh peach.

Peel the fresh peaches first, pit them and press them into juice. Then add honey and warm water to serve.

1 daily?
100 ml twice.

Health and well-being

Health and well-being

Reasonably arrange daily living and rest, properly handle the details of life, maintain good habits, and establish a law of activities that conforms to your own biological rhythms to ensure good health and prolong life. This method is called the daily living health method, also known as the daily living method.

  Living and keeping in good health involves regular living, comfortable living, no hard work, convenient living, and appropriate clothing.

  Daily life often refers to the regularization of daily routines.

The daily routine should conform to the laws of natural yang growth and decline and the physiological routines of the human body, the most important of which is the circadian rhythm, otherwise it will cause premature aging and loss of life.

Ancient health practitioners believed that Yang should be raised in spring and summer, and Yin should be raised in autumn and winter.

Therefore, in the spring, you should “lie up early in the night, walk in the court, and be slow-moved to make Zhisheng”; in the summer, you should “get up early in the night, and don’t get tired of the sun, so that your ambition is not angry, and that you can make Hua Chengxiu””Look up early and get up early, and be happy with the chickens to make Zhi peaceful, so as to ease the punishment of autumn.” In winter, you should “lie up early and stay up late, and you must wait for the sun, so that if you hide, if there is self-interest, if there is income.”

  Getting a good sleep is a physiological need.

In the state of sleep, all the tissues and organs of the body are mainly in a state of rest. Qi and blood are mainly transplanted to the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidneys, so as to be supplemented and repaired.

Resting properly can ensure a person’s sleep, thereby eliminating fatigue, rejuvenating, and conducive to human health and longevity.

To get a good sleep: First: you must ensure adequate sleep.

Generally speaking, the middle-aged and elderly people sleep 8 hours a day?
10 hours is appropriate.

  The second is: should pay attention to bed should be soft and hard, too hard, the whole body muscles can not relax to rest; too soft, overloaded around the spine ligaments and intervertebral joints, can cause back pain.

  The third is: pillows are usually 5 to the bed?
9cm is appropriate. It is too low, and the blood vessels connecting the head are too congested. After awakening, head and face edema will occur. Too high, it can make the blood flow in the brain obstruct, and easily cause cerebral thrombosis and cause ischemic stroke.

  The fourth is: To have a correct sleeping position, you should generally lie to your right, slightly bend your legs, relax naturally, bend your elbows flat, and place your hands on your thighs naturally.

In this way, the high heart position is conducive to cardiac bleeding, and it is enough to bear. At the same time, because the liver is located on the right side, the right side is in the position of insulin to increase blood supply and help promote metabolism.

In the Longevity Survey, many longevity elders reported that they had the most arched position on the right.

As the old saying goes, “Standing like a pine, sitting like a bell, and lying like a bow”, “the side of the femoral side is beneficial to people.”

  The fifth is: to develop good hygiene habits, supper should not eat too full, or eat irritating and stimulating food, Chinese medicine believes that “when the stomach is inconsistent, you are restless.”

You should comb your hair before going to bed and bathe in hot water.

  It is inseparable from the natural environment for a suitable person to live in. Traditional Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “correspondence between human and nature” corresponding to the relationship between human and nature.

The Nei Jing pointed out in the summary of the impact of the environment on human health and longevity, “The higher the one, the longer the life, and the lower the one, the more discouraged.”

This shows that people who live in high places live longer, while people in low places die early.

Why are the geographical environments different and the life spans different?

Because of different regions and different soil and water, soil and water quality have a great impact on food composition and human nutrition.

At the same time, differences in weather conditions have different effects on human health.

In cold environments, cellular metabolic activity is slowed, human growth is prolonged, and the aging process is a complication.

  The current census shows that Xinjiang, Tibet, and Qinghai living in alpine mountains, whether in the population of centenarians or the longevity level of the elderly population, are higher than in other regions of the country.

In addition, the lighting, ventilation, noise and landscaping and purification of the indoor and indoor environments are closely related to human health and longevity.

  Beware of strain injuries including caution and injuries.

Be careful with the room, which is an important measure to protect the kidney and to prevent physiological dysfunction.

Absolutely must conform to nature, it is not appropriate to abstain from abstinence, but you must also control housework and maintain good health.

Preventing injuries from work is an important measure to maintain a strong body and avoid physical injuries. During work, we must adhere to the principle of gradual progress and ability to do what we can. Pay attention to moderate labor.

  Clothing should avoid the impact of clothing on human health, which is mainly related to the clothing’s width, thickness, thickness, size, color and so on.

Ancient and modern health experts believe that clothing should be wide and not tight, and put forward: “Spring wears yarn, summer wears silk, autumn wears woolen clothes, and winter clothes are cotton wool.

“Underwear should be a soft, absorbent cotton cloth that can be carefully selected based on changes in age, gender and solar terms.

At the same time, special attention should be paid to the health measures of spring cover and autumn frost, which are not busy changing clothes in spring and increasing clothes in autumn.

Rub your ears every day to prevent illness and keep fit

Rub your ears every day to prevent illness and keep fit

Office workers have a lot of psychological pressure, headaches, brain heat, and backaches.

Dr. Bai Peng, from the Department of Acupuncture, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, suggested that you might as well learn the health care method of the Longevity Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty-“Ear Changdan”.

  During work or during work, rub your ears and pull them. It only takes a few minutes a day, which can eliminate or disappear the alternative symptoms of the body, but also refreshing, refreshing, and fatigue.

  The first is to rub the pinna.

Rub the front and back of the auricle with palms back and forth more than 10 times, which can have a health effect on the whole body’s bones, can clear the meridians, and stimulate the internal organs.

Then, rub the thumb wheel up and down with the thumb and index finger more than 10 times. Don’t look at the simple method. It is very effective in relieving neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain, headache, and dizziness common in office workers.

  After rubbing, it’s time to lift your ears up and down.

Use your thumb and forefinger to lift the tip of the ear upwards more than 10 times. This method has the effects of calming, analgesic, antipyretic, and clearing the brain for people who are irritable or suffering from illness, and then use the thumb and index finger to pinch the earlobe downward.Extreme pulling and rubbing the ear lobe more than 10 times can cause complications such as dizziness, vertigo, myopia, tinnitus, ulcers, melasma, etc., which is a beauty method.

  Finally, the whole ear is mobilized again: the forefinger starts rubbing the ear nail boat from the triangular socket of the ear, and the ear nail cavity each has more than 10 times to make it hot, this method has a good health effect on the internal organs.
  In addition, certain diseases can be prevented in a targeted manner by massaging specific areas.

  For example, kneading the tragus with your thumb and index finger can make it feel sore and painful, which can prevent headaches, dizziness, insomnia and other cerebrovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; massaging the root of the ear with your index finger can cause colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, and palpitation, Headache, dizziness, etc .; rubbing the forefinger sulcus with the index finger’s abdomen to produce heat can lower blood pressure, clearing the brain, and eyesight; inserting the middle finger into the ear hole, squeezing the friction with the fingertips to produce heat, cough inflammation, rhinitis,Colds, etc.

Wash your hands up to 8 times a day or your skin will be dry


Wash your hands up to 8 times a day or your skin will be dry

Scientific research has found that cold viruses can survive 2 hours on the hand and 72 hours on the surface of hard objects.

When a cold person touches their nose, they catch cold viruses on their hands and they are taken anywhere.

  Scientific research has found that cold viruses can survive 2 hours on the hand and 72 hours on the surface of hard objects.
When a cold person touches their nose, they catch cold viruses on their hands and they are taken anywhere.
Washing your hands often can reduce the risk of respiratory infections and flu on the ground, but you ca n’t expect to wash your hands once with soap to kill the bacteria once and for all. You can only wash them out one by one.

However, do not wash your hands too often, otherwise your skin will become dry.

The maximum number of washing hands is 8 times a day.

Inappropriate yoga can cause disability

Inappropriate yoga can cause disability

November 8th: Hong Kong is a popular place to learn yoga. The chairman of the Hong Kong Yoga Alumni Association, Fang Hui, who has been a yoga instructor for many years, said that the number of registered yoga practitioners has increased by 20%.The effect of weight loss attracts scholars.

On top of him, the public should be careful in choosing the method of learning yoga, otherwise it will easily lead to physical injury, and severe cases will cause physical disability.

  The Hong Kong Yoga Alumni Association performed at the University of Hong Kong yesterday to promote the sport.

The chairman of the association, Fang Hui, said that although practicing yoga is effective, as a sport, we must always pay attention to sports safety, especially due to the characteristics of yoga. Most yoga moves softly and may be injured if not properly practiced.

  He pointed out that most people practice yoga but only know sports and do not understand mechanics and breathing. Some non-authentic yoga teaching centers use gymnastics or boxing to perform yoga, which has injured many yoga students.

Fang Hui refers to people who have never learned yoga, and it is difficult to distinguish what is authentic yoga.

He said that yoga is different from general sports. It emphasizes willpower and is driven by the waist and abdomen. It is shaped from the outside and cooperates with breathing to achieve self-recovery. Therefore, the teachers who pay attention to breathing cooperation are usually more authentic.

  According to reports, yoga originated in India, implying that heaven and man respond to each other, creating a variety of forms of physical exercise. Its benefits are in self-cultivation and health, and it has the effect of healing the body and the heart. As a result, the practice of yoga in Hong Kong has become popular.

Fang Hui said that the martial arts of yoga are different, but in Hong Kong, they are mostly expressed in Hada Yoga, Juncha Yoga, Huangdao Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, and Ashana.

Quick weight loss recipes a week to help you lose weight 30 pounds

Quick weight loss recipes a week to help you lose weight 30 pounds

How to lose 30 pounds?

Immediately introduce a weekly fast weight loss recipe that can lose 30 pounds, so that you can lose weight while eating.

  Breakfast on Monday: 4 packs of milk, 250 ml boiled eggs, 1 lunch: rice 2 two tomato, eggplant, cucumber, two ears dinner: vegetarian noodles Tuesday breakfast: hemp sauce roll 1 millet porridge, cooked peanuts 1 butterfly lunch: rice 2 two chickenSilk fresh mushrooms fried broccoli dinner: steamed bun 1 two minced minced gourd garlic covered vegetables Wednesday breakfast: aspect package 4 slices of beef sauce 1 slice of milk 250 ml lunch: assorted fried rice tomato egg soup dinner: spring onion roll 1 fragrant dried celery 50克 尖椒土豆丝星期四早餐:小包子1两豆腐脑250克午餐:二米饭红烧翅根香菇油菜晚餐:炒饼1两素素扁豆拌海带粉星期五早餐:三明治2份牛奶250毫升煮鸡蛋1个Lunch: Red bean rice, liver and sharp sea rice, cabbage, dinner: Xiaoyao cold salad with radish, Saturday breakfast: fritters, one and a half soy milk 250-300 ml pickles, pancake lunch: homemade cakes, 75g shredded pork, green pepper and vinegar, bean sprouts dinner: mung bean paste porridge corianderStir-fried zucchini with sundae for Sunday breakfast: mung bean thick porridge, coriander, zucchini with zucchini, lunch: rice 1 and two halves, stir-fried with fish vegetarian, three-shred dinner: vegetarian dumplings, 15 cold cucumbers, garlic and agar

Cupping treatment for tonsillitis

Cupping treatment for tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a laryngeal inflammatory disease caused by bacterial and viral infections of the larynx lymph tissues. It is common in children and adolescents.

The disease is acute or chronic and contagious.

Patients generally experience infections when they become fatigued, have a cold, and experience coldness, and they spread to others through droplets, supplies, or food.

Acute onset, accompanied by high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, general malaise, difficulty swallowing, throat congestion, and tonsil enlargement; chronic, mostly due to acute recurrent episodes, improper delay in treatment, headache, fatigue, throatDiscomfort, indigestion, fatigue and nighttime low fever.

Generally divided into lung and stomach fever and lung and kidney deficiency type 2.

  First, there is fever in the lungs and stomach (a) Symptoms of acute onset, burning and pain in the throat, dry mouth and thirst, accompanied by aversion to high fever, headache, difficulty in swallowing, fatigue and aches throughout the body, and throat congestion on examination.

  (B) Governing Law (1) Selecting acupoints Dazhui, Feishu, Quchi, Shaoshang, Zusanli.

  (2) Positioning the large vertebra: On the midline of the tibia, the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra is recessed.

  Feishu: At the top, when the 3rd thoracic spine is underneath, 1.5 inches apart.

  Quchi: At the lateral end of the horizontal elbow of the elbow, when the elbow is flexed, the midpoint of the line connecting the ruler with the outer epicondyle of the fractured bone.

   Less quotient: on the radial side of the tip of the thumb, 0.1 inches from the nail angle.

   Zusanli: on the anterior and lateral side of the calf, when the calf is 3 inches below the nose, 1 horizontal finger (middle finger) from the anterior edge of the bone.

  (3) Cupping method.

Use plum blossoms to perform a light tapping on the above points, taking the degree of skin redness or slight bleeding as the degree, and then cupping on each point (except Shao Shang point), leaving the pot for 5 minutes, once a day, 3 times for a course of treatment.

  Second, the deficiency of lung and kidney (a) Symptoms recur, symptoms persist, dry throat, itching, accompanied by loss of appetite, mental fatigue, and low fever at night.

  (B) Governing Law (1) Select points Feishu, Shenshu, Tiantu, Taixi, Zhaohai.

  (2) Position Feishu: See above.

  Shenshu: At the waist, when the second lumbar vertebrae under the spinous process, 1.5 inches apart.

  Tiantu: In one aspect, the current is on the midline and in the center of the upper sternal fossa.

  Taixi: Tilt to the back inside the foot, when the depression between the internal offset tip and the Achilles tendon is pushed back to the depression from the internal offset tip of the foot.

  Zhaohai: In the ankle area, the internal depression is sharp.

  (3) Cupping method Feishu, Shenshu, Tiantu acupoints were simply cupped, and left for 10 minutes.

Taixi, Zhaohai points use moxibustion, moxibustion about 15?
20 minutes, with local flushing, the patient consciously felt warm.

Once a day, 5 times is a course of treatment.

  Third, matters needing attention (1) cupping has better curative effect on tonsillitis.

Take adequate rest during treatment to prevent colds; food should be light, avoid spicy, quit smoking and alcohol; drink more green tea, keep large, smooth urine.

  (2) Separate washing utensils and eating utensils from others to prevent cross infection.

  Fourth, diabetes Xu, female, 32 years old.

Sore throat, difficulty swallowing for 3 days, fever, headache, fatigue.

Examination: body temperature of 38.5 ° C, bilateral tonsil enlargement, tenderness of submandibular lymphadenopathy, and diagnosis of acute tonsillitis.

The acupuncture points were taken from Dazhui, Quchi, Feishu, Weishu, and Shao quotient, and the acupuncture flashover method was adopted.

Use plum blossoms to perform a light tapping on the above points, taking the degree of skin redness or slight bleeding as the degree, and then cupping on each point (except Shao Shang point), leaving the pot for 5 minutes, once a day, 3 times for a course of treatment.

After 1 course of treatment, the symptoms were eliminated, and there was only a lack of feeling. Following the 1 course of treatment, the pharynx could not be eliminated. No abnormality was found in the pharynx after re-examination, and there was no recurrence in the following year.

What to pay attention to cupping

What to pay attention to cupping

Cupping is a traditional method of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, which causes tiny subcutaneous congestion in the local area. This small trauma can stimulate the body’s own functions and achieve therapeutic effects.
However, in daily use, many people still have some misunderstandings about cupping.
  Myth 1: Take a bath after cupping Many people like to take a shower after pulling out the cupping. I think this is very comfortable. In fact, this is very incorrect.
Because the skin is in a very fragile state at this time, it is easy to cause the skin to rupture and become inflamed.
Especially when taking a cold shower, since the pores of the skin are now open, it is easy to catch cold.
(Note: In summer, there is more sweating. It is best to take a bath before cupping and dry the body so as not to affect the adsorption of the cupping.
) Recommendation: The correct bath time is 1 to 2 hours after cupping.
Keep warm after cupping, the temperature of the bath water should be slightly higher.
  Myth 2: The longer the time is, the better. Many people think that the longer the cupping time is, the better the effect will be. Even the blistering is to show the effect of the cupping. In fact, this is also wrong.
Because the cupping time is too long, blisters may appear, which not only damages the skin, but may also cause skin infections.
  Recommendation: The correct cupping time should be 10 to 15 minutes.
If you are an elderly person or a child who is not very good, you should halve the time.
  Misunderstanding 3: The same position is repeatedly pulled once and does not achieve double pull. The same position is repeatedly pulled out, and it is considered that the effect can be pulled out.
In fact, doing so will cause damage to the skin, such as redness and damage, and it will not be worth the loss.
  Recommendation: When cupping, you can pull in multiple positions to increase the treatment effect.
  Myth 4: Pulling the chest and stomach Many people think: I am uncomfortable where I pull it.
If my stomach hurts or my chest is uncomfortable, I will pull my stomach and pull my chest.
In fact, this is also wrong.
Generally, the cupping cup is best not to pull the chest and the stomach, because there is no scientific basis for such pulling.
  Suggestion: We usually place the cupping position at the waist, back and shoulders.
  Myth 5: There is little difference between old and new products. Cupping is also called “cupping therapy”, “pull tube” or “suction tube”.
The function between the traditional cupping and the modern cupping is not much different, especially the difference in materials, the impact on the effect of the cupping is not great.
However, it should be noted that if it is for cold diseases such as rheumatism, old cold legs, etc., it is better to use the traditional cupping that needs to be ignited.
  另外:一定要弄清痛因再下手  在使用之前一定要弄清疼痛的原因,如果是一些慢性病所带来的疼痛如腰脊劳损,或是扭伤,在患者明确病因并有医嘱的情况下是It can be used by itself, which is also beneficial for treatment.
However, the cause of pain is sometimes very complicated. Therefore, people are not encouraged to use cupping from my medical treatment when they are not clear about the cause. Because the cupping of the disease is not harmful to the body, it will delay the illness and may bring serious a result of.
In addition, people with broken skin or suffering from bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, cyanosis, etc.) are also not suitable for cupping therapy.

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