A change in skin color indicates a problem with the body

A change in skin color indicates a problem with the body

The different colors of the skin will remind you of the health of your skin and body.

Healthy skin must first be shiny, and at the same time delicate, rosy, soft and elastic.

  Dr. Song Ping, Department of Dermatology, Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the color and luster of the skin can reflect the nutritional status of the skin, as well as the internal health of the internal organs, which can be said to be an alarm of our body.

  Beware of abnormal skin tone, hidden disease, dark yellow alert-spleen and stomach do not accumulate toxins. The skin appears dark yellow and grayish in color, which is more common in urban women. The physical problems indicated by dark yellow cannot be ignored.

  Color analysis The dark yellow color of the skin is a direct reflection of your heavy stress and toxin accumulation in your body since recent times.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the skin appears dark yellow and grayish, which also reflects the spleen and stomach discomfort in the body.

Song Ping said that once professional women are busy, their diet will not have regular time and reasonable nutrition, which will easily cause problems such as spleen and stomach discomfort and anemia.

  Especially in the case of indigestion and blood demand, the most basic daily supply is not available, and the skin cannot be nourished.

If you are nostalgic and worried, “thinking about hurting the spleen” will gradually make your skin dull and yellow.

  Treatment If the dark yellow skin has been continuously metabolized, then you need to start from the inside and start to regulate the spleen and stomach.

  Drink plenty of water every day, clean your stomach, and it is difficult to even eat on time in your diet, but at least you must ensure the quality of your diet.

Be sure to reduce the number and quantity of greasy and sweet foods. Buddha can easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

Eat more vegetables and fruits while eating lean meat, nuts and soy products.

  At the same time, be more careful with your external skin.

Reduce the use of cosmetics, especially thick foundations, and pay special attention to thoroughly cleaning and hydrating the skin.

Because the dark yellow skin is very dehydrated, you must use moisturizing and moisturizing products when washing your face and bathing, and use steam or a towel to cover your face.

  In addition, whether it is diet or topical, vitamins must be absorbed.

For example, vitamin c can inhibit pigmentation and eliminate toxins in skin tissues; while vitamin e can resist free radical damage to the skin and make the blood in the skin bright and clean; vitamin A can change aging skin and dull skin tone.

  Gray-black alert-The darker and darker the skin of kidney deficiency and plaque, the more serious the problem is.

If you say that the dark yellow skin is only a medium-level alarm, then you look carefully in the mirror and find that the skin tone is very dirty, grayish or even black recently, and the face always has some deep and light spots. At this time, the skin problem is quite serious.
  Color analysis Gray-black skin is reminding you that it is gradually losing vitality, sun, pollution, free radicals generated by physical and psychological stress, hindering the skin’s normal metabolism and is accelerating skin aging.

  The long slope UVA in ultraviolet rays is very harmful to the skin ‘, especially in spring.

Many people don’t pay attention to the sun protection in spring, and even direct sunlight continuously.

Song Ping said that the most important reason for skin aging and loss of vitality is that due to ultraviolet radiation, even people who work indoors, if they do not pay attention to sun protection, UVA will still refract through the glass recently, and hurt the skin.

Grayish black skin is a reflection of kidney deficiency.

  Treatment methods For women, no matter how bad the mood, how much stress, and how late they stay, cigarettes and coffee are absolutely not desirable, and their damage to the skin is subtle.

May wish to develop the habit of green tea, especially in such weather, soothing and refreshing, but also clearing the intestines and detoxification.

While detoxifying, do not prevent yourself from boiling a pot of Huoxue Bushen Decoction, add Dihuang, Angelica, Chinese wolfberry, black sesame, mulberry, etc. Drink 3-4 times a week, the skin color will be significantly improved.

  While warming your body, you also need to strengthen your skin barrier. Sun protection is required on sunny days.

When you go out, you can choose both UV and UV sunscreen. If it is a sunny office environment, apply a little UV-proof sunscreen indoors.

  If the skin has already appeared gray and black, it is recommended that you stop using cosmetics, and try to choose vitamins, especially vitamin E products when washing your face and bathing, which can avoid free radicals in the skin microvascular circulation to a certain extent and maintain skin vitality.

However, if the skin is very dark and black, and even the spots have started to appear, do not ignore it, let alone wipe things by yourself, and seek medical treatment in time.

  Red alert-Hot Sheng constitution is susceptible to allergies. It is a good thing to say that your face is ruddy, but sometimes the redness of the skin is not necessarily healthy.

If people with good looks are embarrassed, accompanied by burning, itching, and redness, then the red alarm sounds.

  Color analysis The appearance of red in the skin should be said to be the most common in skin color alerts.

There are many causes of skin redness, which are mainly divided into two types, one is natural and the other is environmentally induced.

  Especially in summer, the metabolism of the human body will be accelerated, and some people will have flushed skin due to accelerated blood metabolism and heat dissipation of the skin.

Song Ping said that although this red color is not healthy, most people who have redness in the skin belong to the internal heat type, and most of them are young.  In addition to being naturally hot, the most common cause of skin redness is the allergic reaction caused by the external environment when the skin is under-nourished and its own resistance is severely reduced.

For example, I tend to have insomnia and stay up late for a long time; I often eat greasy and spicy things; work, life is too stressful, and my mood is very bad, etc. These factors will directly harm the health of the skin.

Some people with an allergic constitution may experience redness, peeling, and itching of sensitive skin when they encounter pollen, catkins, dust, etc.

  The treatment method is to eat less greasy and spicy things, especially foods that are easy to get rid of, such as raising meat. Try to eat fresh and juicy fruits. You can drink scented tea or green tea appropriately. It can clear the heat in the coming hot weather.

  For oily and allergic skin, while ensuring sleep and a light diet, it is best to moisturize and soothe the skin.

When washing your face, use a bacteriostatic face wash or body wash. For example, use a bacteriostatic bath that contains Di skin protection ingredients. Cleaning oily sensitive skin can make a good effect.

What kind of yoga fitness exercise is more suitable for pregnant women?

What kind of yoga fitness exercise is more suitable for pregnant women?

Guide: what yoga fitness exercises are more suitable for pregnant women?

 Properly practicing yoga movements during pregnancy can help alleviate the mother’s discomfort during pregnancy, adjust her mentality, and help with childbirth.

But pregnant women are special people after all, what kind of yoga is suitable for pregnant women?

In response to this problem, the following is introduced by everyone:

Maternity yoga is a gentle exercise that can help you increase muscle flexibility and physical endurance.

But you’d better practice yoga under the guidance of a distance-trained yoga instructor to avoid injury.

  Although it has undergone continuous evolution, many types of yoga have been developed, but the basic posture and breathing method of yoga are the same.

Hatha Yoga is characterized by gentle movements and comfortable rhythms.

Power yoga is a broad and intense form of Hatha Yoga and it is best not to practice it during pregnancy.

In addition, the yoga instructor will also recommend that you avoid Kundalini Yoga and Flow Yoga, because the former position exercises are fast and repeated many times, while reducing the intensity too much.

  Certain types of yoga are best for you, how strong your body is, and how much yoga you have practiced before, are two factors that cause it.

However, when you are pregnant, there are certain types of yoga that you cannot practice, such as Bikram Yoga.

Because when practicing Bikram Yoga, the room temperature is heated to a specific temperature.

  Iyengar yoga uses cushions and stools as support, so it is a safer choice after you get pregnant.

  If you practice yoga often, you can change your posture with the help of a pregnant yoga instructor.

However, if you are a beginner in yoga, you need to consult a doctor first to understand your health level, and then ask a yoga teacher to let her guide you into a gentle pregnant yoga practice.

  Tips: You also need to know that some pregnant women’s yoga positions recommended for pregnant mothers in early pregnancy may definitely not be suitable for you to practice in the next pregnancy.

Therefore, it is better to find a length-trained yoga instructor and let her guide you through the progress of your pregnancy.

Twin references

Twin references

Being able to have two babies at once is a blessing that many people who want to be mothers dream of, but parents who are twins are twice as happy and naturally hard.

Expectant mothers who are pregnant with twins often cannot deliver at full term due to excessive uterine enlargement, so twins are generally premature babies, often congenitally inadequate, and special attention should be paid instead.

  Twin pregnancy pregnancy magic 1: breast milk replacement breast milk is still the initial nutrition of twins or multiple babies, because only breast milk can adapt to premature infants with digestive insufficiency.

The experience of most multimother mothers proves that it is entirely possible for pure breast milk to replace twins (and even multiples).

In addition, due to insufficient sugar accumulation in the twins, milk should be started as soon as possible after delivery and fed frequently. Otherwise, hypoglycemia may occur. In severe cases, it can affect the baby’s brain development and even endanger life.

In the extraction method, a breast should be implanted in a baby.

During each feeding, the two babies can be exchanged for sucking and chewing a little, because the sucking ability and appetite of the babies are different. Each time you exchange the sucking, and at the same time slightly alternately copy more milk.

If breast milk is not enough, you can use a mixed feeding method to feed breast milk and premature formula to two babies at the same time. You can also feed breast milk to younger babies first, and artificial feeding for older babies until the small babies catch upAfter that, the mixed investment was given at the same time.

  It is generally recommended that when both babies are replaced by breast milk, each person adds milk or milk powder instead.

For babies who do not have the ability to suck, use a dropper.

Milk volume and concentration can gradually increase with your baby’s condition and age.

  Mother this time: Can I feed 5% sugar water 25 hours after birth?
50 grams.

This is because twins do not have as many glycogen reserves as single-term term infants. If they are too old, hypoglycemia may occur.

After feeding the sugar water without vomiting, you can breastfeed.

  If the twins are born at full term, try to suck breast milk early if conditions allow.

  Premature twins have poor fetal sucking ability, dysphagia, and prone to lactation. It is safer to sit and feed.

  The confinement period is the most difficult period for twin mothers, and the change greatly affects the success rate of breastfeeding.

It is best to ask a helper to do confinement at home. At the same time, it is best to give up the crib and choose to share the bed with the babies. The mother sleeps in the middle and the babies sleep on both sides. So no matter which one needs to feed, the mother just needs to turn around and supply.

This handles double intensive sucking with the least effort.

After the period when the baby can crawl, the mother is much easier, because they can climb to you without helping themselves.

When feeding at night, the mother can lie flat, holding one in one hand, and the three lay down to feed and sleep together.

  Sometimes one of the twins is weaker and it is important to make sure that the weaker baby gets enough milk.

  A “twin breastfeeding pad” can be prepared, which allows you to feed two babies on it at the same time.

  Discuss with your family how to share the housework so that the new mother can attract the baby with all her heart.

  Twins ingestion method 2: small meals ingestion twins are immature, have small stomach capacity, poor digestion, and are prone to milk spillage. Therefore, it is advisable to use small meals instead to avoid indigestion and diarrhea.

  Feeding time: In general, newborns weighing less than 1500 grams need to be fed once every 2 hours and 12 times every 24 hours. Weight 1500?
Newborns with a weight of 2000 grams can be reduced 2 times a night and fed 10 times every 24 hours. Newborns with a weight of more than 2000 grams need to be fed 8 times every 24 hours, with an average of 1 feeding every 3 hours.

This feeding method is adopted because the twins are thinner and the volume loss is reduced, and the heat energy needs to be calculated based on weight than that of single-term babies.

  Feeding volume: New breastfeeding mothers need to bear the milk volume of two babies. This requires strengthening a nutrient-rich liquid diet, such as fish soup, trotter soup, and chicken soup. At least 3000 ml per day is needed to meet the baby’s needs.

  The mother does this: adhere to and implement the principle of small meals and frequent meals. Don’t let your baby eat too much at one time. It is recommended to use this book to record the amount of milk and interval between each baby, and to keep the two babies separate.

  Observe the frequency and color of your baby’s bowel movements, whether it is white, diarrhea, and other indigestion. Consider whether you are eating too much oil or causing your baby to feed too much.

  In addition, twin fetuses have insufficient development of internal organs, low plasma gamma globulin, and weak resistance to various infections. Therefore, special attention should be paid to hygiene during replacement. Nipples and feeding bottles should be kept clean and washed before each use.After disinfection.

The nipples of nursing mothers should also be cleaned before each feeding.

  Magic Twins Pregnancy Method 3: Adding Nutrients Early Since a new mother has to conceive two variables during pregnancy, replacement of the mother’s nutrients is often inadequate, leading to the preparation of various nutrients in the twins’ body. It is necessary to add nutrients to the twin babies as soon as possible.

The stored iron I got from my mother was about 3 years after birth?
Consumption is almost 4 months. Since twins are mostly premature babies, the time for iron storage in the body will be consumed earlier. 1 after birth?
Anemia often occurs at 2 months, and the serum iron content decreases sharply at 1 month after birth. At 3 months, it is only 1/3 of the value at birth, and most of them are iron deficiency anemia.
  Due to the accumulation of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D, the dual vitamins also have a poor ability to absorb trace and fat-soluble vitamins in the body, so twins are still susceptible to rickets.

  Mother does this: for iron deficiency anemia: oral ferrous iron salts preparations such as ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate can be taken orally between meals, which can reduce the stimulation of gastric mucosa and facilitate absorption.

At the same time, oral vitamin C is beneficial for iron absorption.

Milk can affect the absorption of iron and should not be taken orally with iron.
When supplementary foods are added, iron-added foods such as pork liver paste, egg yolk paste, spinach, etc. can be added.

Other complementary foods should also be added as soon as possible, but it must be remembered that the twins have poor digestive ability, and complementary foods need a small amount and multiple times.

  For rickets: Generally from the second week after birth, you can replenish concentrated cod liver oil once a day, one drop each time, and then gradually increase to three times a day, two drops each time.

Vitamin D supplementation, one month after birth, allows twins to bask in the sun for several minutes to several minutes a day to increase their own vitamin D synthesis.

As long as you consume a sufficient amount of formula daily, regular calcium supplementation is not recommended.

  The experience of breast milk intake for twins, big give-off-Qiangan and Kun Kun mothers: Adjusting the two babies to the same schedule. My experience is that if you can adjust the babies’ schedules to be basically the same, it is really worrying.

So when one baby is crying for milk, it may be better to hold the other baby and feed at the same time.

Don’t force it if another baby is asleep and not eating.

Over time, twin babies will slowly adjust to the same schedule.

  With Niu Niu mother: a single sofa with armrests and backs is essential to prepare a large single sofa with backs in both hands, and more cushions and pillows to facilitate feeding two babies at the same time, Can use the most comfortable posture and cushion hand.

  Tianxiang and Tianxiang mother: First find a good person who can help for a long time and add two babies at the same time. The division of labor in the home is particularly important.

Food and housework during the day, and changing diapers at night, and when two babies are feeding at the same time, someone must help you to hold the other on the other arm.Congee.

Therefore, these jobs must be well divided in advance. You can ask your mother or mother-in-law and Yuezhang for help, but you must first reach a consensus on the concept of breastfeeding, otherwise you will be more and more helpful.

  Da Mao and Er Mao mothers: Plan your home environment in advance and throw away the crib!

It is the best way to make twin mothers who are interested in breastfeeding tired and collapse.

  Personally think that the best way is to sleep on the floor.

A large mattress that can accommodate moms and two babies, which is best for our twin moms!

And you don’t have to worry about the small bed or the danger of your baby falling off the bed.

  Tiantian and Lele Mother: If you can replace it with breast milk, don’t add milk powder. I have a pair of twin fetuses. Both children are replaced with breast milk, but after each change, they can only keep the child quiet for 30?
Forty minutes, I still enjoyed it.

Later I couldn’t take it anymore.

So began to supplement the formula, the child can sleep 2 after each full meal?
For 3 hours, breast milk is fed during the day, and formula milk is basically fed at night.

  However, in this way, one milk is not as much as before, and the other will cause the baby to have the illusion of nipples, and then refuse to cooperate with the milk, as if sucking the nipples is not very hard, waiting for the milk powder that is easy to drink later.

In this way, my milk secretion decreased more significantly.

  Later, after listening to the doctor’s advice, I gave up the mixed alternative, and even completely restored the pure breast milk replacement. The milk began to increase again. I was surprised that my milk was so much!

  Big rock and small rock mothers: It ‘s a good idea to open the bow from side to side, supplement the breastmilk for twins if you want, and let the baby suck directly.

  The two babies sucked at the same time, and the milk came quickly and more, and the “two-person” night milk was really a mother full of tired candles and burning at both ends.

  On demand, don’t look at the clock and don’t give your baby a few hours to feed.

Babies grow quickly in the first 3 months after birth, their stomachs are relatively small, and breast milk is easily digested, so they need to replace their milk.

Judging whether your milk intake is sufficient depends on your baby’s bowel movements, not how often they eat milk.

Three treasures of throat protection: pear sugar cane

Three treasures of throat protection: pear sugar cane

Spring is the season for rejuvenation of Baicao, and it is also a time when all diseases are prone. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spring diet should be based on the principles of “saving acid and increasing sugar and increasing temper”, and aim at bronchitis, hypertension, and dry throat.The characteristics of the disease are easy to spring in spring. Feng Hange, a professor of pharmacist and director of the Pharmacology Research Department of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially recommends three sweet, cold, and throat-protecting “throat-protecting treasures” with pear, sugarcane, and coriander.

  Pear, known as the “Zong of Fruits”, has the effect of clearing the heart and moisturizing the lungs. It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin, and clearing heat. It also has tuberculosis, bronchitis, and dry throat, itching, dumbness, and thick phlegm.Have better therapeutic effect.

The spleen and stomach are cold, and people with fever should not eat raw pears. They can be cut into pieces and boiled in water.

  Sugarcane is a good medicine for disease prevention and fitness. It has high sugar content, high content of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic elements. Its iron content ranks first in fruits.Weak heart, insufficient fluid, sore throat, dry stool, deficient cough, and other complications can be eaten raw or boiled in water.

  荸荠 can clear heat and refresh Jin, appetite and digestion, moisten phlegm, diuretic and laxative, 荸荠 raw food should be washed and peeled to avoid infection with ginger worms.

  Professor Feng reminded that these three kinds of foods are cold foods, people with spleen and stomach deficiency should be cautious, and their sugar content is high, people with diabetes should eat less.

Spring care for baby sheep

Spring care for baby sheep

The spring of the year of the sheep has arrived, and the babies born in this season are undoubtedly the latest group of babies.

Do parents know how to care for these baby sheep born in the spring?

Stop listening to those so-called “common sense”, here we will introduce the basic common sense of spring nursing for newborns in detail for new mothers and new dads.

  ”Neonatal period” mainly refers to the adaptation period of the fetus from the mother’s uterus to external life. Since the development of various organ functions of the newborn’s body system has not yet matured, newborns are generally divided into three categories in clinical practice:  Full-term infants: newborns with gestational age between 37 weeks and 42 weeks.

Premature infants: neonates with gestational age between 28 weeks and 37 weeks.

Postpartum babies: Newborns with gestational age over 42 weeks.

Newborns have low immune function and poor temperature regulation, so they are susceptible to infection. Care must be careful, scientific and reasonable.

Experts focused on giving specific guidance from the following aspects.

  Temperature and light newborns are a little uncomfortable with changes in the external temperature difference. Should the appropriate room temperature be kept at 25 ° C?
At 28 ℃, the temperature should be appropriately reduced in summer and warm in winter, but it should be noted that there should be a heater near you when ventilating.

  The indoor light should not be too dark or too bright. Some parents think that newborns are weak and are afraid of irritating their eyes. They often like to hang heavy curtains. In fact, this is not appropriate. Let your baby learn to adapt in natural indoor light.Avoid direct sunlight on the eyes.

  Clothes and diapers. Underwear (including diapers) for newborns should be made of soft and absorbent cotton. It is best not to use chemical fibers or print spots. The color of clothes should be light, avoid dirt and prevent dyes from affecting the newborn’s skin.The clothes should be as loose as possible, not hinder the movement of the limbs, and easy to wear and take off; due to the early heat dissipation of the head, a small hat should be worn when the climate is cold or placed indoors, and it should also be soft and comfortable.

  The diapers are made of soft absorbent cotton wool for frequent washing and changing. Usually, they need to be changed more than 4 times during the day and more than 2 times at night. The buttocks should be cleaned every time they are changed and an appropriate amount of skin care oil should be applied.If the urine is not wet, choose a better quality and good ventilation performance. Use diapers when you are at home, and use “urine not wet” when you go out or sleep. Note that the diapers or urine should not be too tightly wrapped.

  Members must pay more attention. If you have a baby born in the year of the sheep in your family, then you must know more about the above knowledge. Only in this way can you take care of your cute baby!

Use yoga to get in touch with the belly BB

Use yoga to get in touch with the belly BB

On the days of pregnancy, use yoga to communicate with the little life, stroke the bulging belly, notice his sprout in asana, and breathe with the baby with a quiet heart in meditation.

I have even more appreciated the praise and joy of life, and this special emotion has continued throughout the practice process.

As a result, my body is more relaxed and my movements are more perfect.

Most importantly, it feels like the soul has converted.

  When there was a little life in my body, from that moment, I was destined to have a heart.

  On the days of pregnancy, use yoga to communicate with the little life, stroke the bulging belly, notice his sprout in asana, and breathe with the baby with a quiet heart in meditation.

I have even more appreciated the praise and joy of life, and this special emotion has continued throughout the practice process.

As a result, my body is more relaxed and my movements are more perfect.
Most importantly, it feels like the soul has converted.
  In yoga, I can reach a strange world and return to the deepest part of my heart.

I appreciate a pure beauty that profoundly changes my body.

All this is another reality that my body surpasses, not an illusion of beauty.

Thoughts stop here, with pure beauty.

In this pure beauty, I can perceive the response from my closest person, the baby.

  In this way, we share yoga throughout pregnancy.

  Finally, in the long wait, the little life given by God came to this world.

The moment I saw him, I knew deeply that he would be the most concerned person in his life.

Facing him, my heart felt warm and accommodating.

  The baby, known as the “yogi”, has so dark and clear eyes, as pure as water.

I am convinced that yoga brings him wisdom and wisdom.

  The days of being a mother are better. When I am at home, I play with my baby and feel his meekness, naughtiness, coquettishness, and fun. I enjoy everything my mother can enjoy.

Yoga is still indispensable, and the combination of post-body recovery and massage of the baby will not only stretch my limbs, but also increase the relationship between me and my children.

What’s more, I don’t have the worry of ordinary maternal.

I am calm, be kind to others, and slowly change my views on some things at the same time, even when I leave home and go out, the sun, traffic, red men and green women, everything is justified and able to bear.

People linger in their own atmosphere, but underneath their identities, life is overflowing warmly and unknowingly.

As always, the flat scenes outside the window were fading, and I smiled at everyone.

I gradually see the good side of things.

This is the transformation that yoga is good for me, and I live with confidence in the days that unfold.

  Life is so vast, we are just an insignificant drop among mortals densely packed with sand.

When life was like a brocade satin just opened, my son and I had each other completely and completely in yoga.

He is mine, I am his, and nothing else.

Slim Yoga Practices After Sitting


Slim Yoga Practices After Sitting

The famous movie star Shu Qi has two tips for weight loss. One is not to eat 4 hours before going to bed, and the other is half an hour after meals to avoid the accumulation of dead bodies.

Shu Qi’s method is indeed effective. This transcendence has been proven by myself, and Phoenix Satellite TV host Comrade Lu Yu is also an absolute admirer of this method.

  Of course, in addition to Shu Qi’s method, I also have a yoga cheat that can solve the problem of slight accumulation after meals. More wonderfully, this exercise is practiced while sitting!

  Practice Thunder Sit 1. Kneeling position, bones above the lower legs, feet flat on the floor, two thighs perpendicular to the ground.

  2. Put your knees together, place your big toes in a cross, and put your heels to the sides.

  3. Sit down with your chest between the separate heels.

  4, put your hands on both thighs, look up, eyes straight ahead.

  Exercise effect: The best choice is to start the exercise within 10 minutes after a meal.

The yielding legs reduce and slow down the blood circulation of the lower body, thereby accelerating the blood circulation of the upper body, especially the chest and brain areas, can promote digestion, and can balance the nervous system of all parts of the body, making the nutrient transport uniform, reducingThe possibility of local accumulation of aunt.

  Experience sharing: Although sitting, but sitting with a straight back is more than reducing the amount of calories consumed.

It is usually enough to sit for 10-20 minutes after a meal. At the beginning, the legs may be numb easily. When you feel numb, straighten your legs and massage them, and then practice.

Try Chinese medicine foot bath with cold hands and feet

Try Chinese medicine foot bath with cold hands and feet

Traditional Chinese medicine has a “cold host”, and the cold weather will naturally converge the yang and weaken the circulation of qi. In addition to being particularly afraid of cold, it sometimes affects the operation of various internal organs.

If you want blood to run better on cold days, in addition to tonic and Chinese medicine, try the ancient health method of foot bath before bed.

  Foot bath is similar to immersion, but it is simple and convenient for many years.

There are 12 meridians in the human body, six in each of the hands and feet. They are Foot Sanyin, Foot Sanyin, Hand Sanyin, and Hand Sanyang, and they are connected to each other. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the hotness will rise upwards. Passing through the warm feet, you can bring Qi.Blood runs through the connected meridians, warming the body.

The foot Sanyin on the foot is related to the liver, spleen and kidney, while the foot Sanyang is related to the gallbladder, bladder and stomach, so it strengthens the blood circulation of the foot and has health effects on various internal organs, while reducing sedimentation inToxins on the soles of the feet.

  In addition, warm water stimulates the Yongquan point under the feet, which can help to improve edema, insomnia and headache, and it can do more than one thing.

To enhance the efficacy, different traditional Chinese medicines can be used to make foot bath medicinal solution. The heat can help to penetrate the medicine, help to promote qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and dissipate blood, and strengthen the body and prevent disease.

  Angelica Dried Ginger Bath: Warm-up and cold are affected by cold. People at the cold end or those with poor blood circulation are more afraid of cold.

In addition to taking warming supplements such as mutton, antler and other tonics, you may wish to soak the foot bath with some warming and blood circulation herbs, such as dried ginger, aconite, and evodia, which are warm medicines.Opens the meridians and helps dispel cold and warm the body.

If the blood circulation can be strengthened, the effects will be mutually beneficial. Chinese medicines such as angelica and codonopsis can be added to make the blood flow smoothly.

  Materials: Dried ginger 1 or 2, Aconite 1 or 2, Codonopsis 1 or 2, Angelica 1 or 5 Evodice 5 money Method: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, and slag to get liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20?
30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Qi and blood circulation, warming up and cold.

  Nepeta windproof bath: To prevent exogenous weather from becoming cold, a little carelessness, the body is susceptible to diseases, especially cold and cold are more common.

If you want to prevent, you should use some traditional Chinese medicine for wind chills as food therapy, or make a liquid bath or foot bath, which can help prevent colds and colds, and reduce the chance of worsening during the initial onset.

Traditional Chinese medicines such as nepeta, windproof, hydrating, and perilla leaves are all traditional Chinese medicines for sweating and relieving the epidemic. It has the effect of lifting and dispersing, that is, it can eliminate epidemic evil through sweating, and treat exogenous symptoms such as cold, fever, and headache.

  Materials: 1 or 2 live, 1 or 2 windproof, 1 or 2 nepeta, 5 leaves of perilla leaf. Method: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, slag and liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Xin Wenjie table, spleen and wind-proof chuanchuan scallion white snorkeling bath: warming the lungs and nose is at the turn of the season, in addition to susceptible to colds and colds, people with lung qi deficiency are affected by autumn dryness and cold, which is particularly likely to cause nasal sensitivity,Nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, dizziness, headache, etc. To relieve nasal sensitivity and discomfort, in addition to cold wind and cold, you can use some traditional Chinese medicine that declares lung nasal for foot baths, such as Bai Zhi, Xin Zhi Hua, Cocklebur, and transcriptWait.

Both white crickets and crickets are able to dispel wind and cold, while Xin Zhihua and Xanthium have the effect of clarifying the nose, can alleviate the discomfort of colds and colds, and can especially target nasal congestion and headache.

  Materials: Chuanxiong 1 two, Baiji 1 2nd, Xin Zhihua 1 2nd, Xanthium 1 2nd, Xiben 1 2nd method: 8 bowls of water and materials for 45 minutes, slag to get liquid, wait for warming, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: Xuanfei Nasal, dizziness and dizziness.

  Clove pepper bath: in addition to fear of cold swelling, many people will suffer from swelling from year to night, especially swelling of their feet.

In fact, the problem of edema is related to the lungs, spleen, and kidneys. The edema of the whole body is mostly related to the deterioration of renal function, and the spleen deficiency and the lung deficiency are reversed, which makes water and moisture easily accumulate on the feet.

Pepper has the effect of qi, and Zelan, Motherwort, and Red Bean are all good for water and swelling. With cloves that warm the kidney and help the sun, dipping the feet in it can enhance the overall function and also help to remove water and moisture.

  Material: clove 5 money, pepper 5 money, Zelan 1 two, motherwort 1 2 and red adzuki beans 1 Two methods: 8 bowls of water and material for 45 minutes, slag and liquid, wait for warm, soak for 20-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: warm kidney and cold, diuretic swelling.

  Footbath 3 Important Notes You can footbath 2-3 times a week on weekdays, but if the weather is cold or you may be able to heal, do not prevent footbath every night before bedtime to warm your feet.

However, you must pay attention to the following points when foot bath: 1.
The temperature of the water should be moderate and not excessive, so as to avoid burns, especially the elderly, first try the water temperature with your hands.

  2.It is not advisable to eat before or after meals or to be full.

  3.People with high blood pressure, hypertension, and hemorrhagic diseases may not be suitable for foot baths. They should first consult a Chinese physician.

  In addition to the foot bath, warm water bags can warm the kidneys in addition to the foot bath, may wish to put warm water bags in the waist warm the kidneys, in addition to foot bath, can receive the kidney tonic effect.

Because the kidneys are in the waist, the kidneys dominate the functions of many parts of the body, including reproduction, endocrine, brain, nerves, and bones.

The kidney function is good, the body is naturally strong, and it is not easy to have gray hair loss, sexual function decline, waist and knee weakness, and so on.

Suggestions in the workplace

Suggestions in the workplace

If you ask, do you like people who go straight or who are tortuous, you must like the former.

Yes, we all like straight friends in life, looking forward to each other straight, even with liver and gallbladder, but often we block the deep inside of each other-like to talk to each other without words, and hate each other’s mouth without cover, so, straightforward alsoWhen it really broke, look at the occasion.

  From a psychological perspective, frankness is the most essential part of human nature.

People generally think that children are simple, they have not been polluted by the world, and they show natural truths everywhere. This is probably the so-called “naive”.

Their frankness is a true reflection of their nature, and their direct feelings about external things can be expressed through language without processing, and this direct expression is acceptable, which is the so-called “childlikeness.”

  Unlike the frankness of children, the frankness of adults is often rarely accepted, because adults are sophisticated, and the expressions of adults are considered to be processed or even disguised.Frequently.

We do not rule out those who have honey and belly, but good intentions are regarded as donkey livers and lungs, but good wishes often do not yield good results, which is also a major pain in many adults.

  Straightforward straightforward, you feel straightforward when you say it directly, but don’t forget that you are too straightforward and others are unhappy.

In interpersonal communication in the workplace, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the way of speaking. To be good at not being annoying, to do good things with good intentions must have a good result, and to give suggestions and opinions must pay attention to timing, methods and methods.

  The vast majority of people are good-faced, especially those with an identity. They can observe the atmosphere of the scene, the emotions of the other party, and whether they are suitable for expressing their chests. Some opinions have come to an end, or they have been put on hold for a while.No, you don’t have to divide the levels immediately.

  The ancients said that “sixty and pleasing to the ears” includes not only the imagination of the valley, but the reluctance to change the reluctance, but also the realm of concealment and moisturization.

Realizing this will help to achieve good results with a good intention.

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