CBA-Fujian 126-119 defeated Tongxi Harrington 38 + 14

CBA-Fujian 126-119 defeated Tongxi Harrington 38 + 14 November 6th In the second round of the CBA match last night, Fujian Quanzhou Bank challenged Jiangsu Tongxi away.Both teams lost in the first round and desperately needed a victory. In the end, Fujian defeated Tongxi 126:119 away.  Since Jiangsu Tongxi is the newly promoted CBA league this year, the two teams have not previously fought against each other.In this game, Jiangsu Tongxi has the advantage of home court, and has the advantages of three foreign aids. In the first quarter, the sudden foreign investment suddenly changed the lead.The Fujian team’s Wang Zhelin and Fisher were sluggish. Fortunately, Zhao Tailong and Harrington worked together to help Fujian overtake the score in the second half and eventually win.  In this campaign, Harrington scored 38 points and 14 rebounds. As the sixth best player in the NBA, Harrington has played for the Pacers, Hawks and other teams, averaging 13 per game.5 points, although the strength is outstanding, but after joining Fujian, Lian is quite old, but the questioning of whether he can stand still is endless.In the first game, Harrington used a beautiful transcript to give all the challengers a response: 32 points and 9 rebounds in the whole game, and often played quite a good show at key moments.Harrington’s flexible position, optimized pass, excellent long shot, and Wang Zhelin’s inside attack complement each other. Although Fujian eventually lost, it is hard to hide Harrington’s outstanding.  Against Jiangsu Tongxi, Harrington has become the core of the team’s offensive and defensive. Under Wang Zhelin’s sluggish situation, he teamed up with Zhao Tailong in the second half to stage a comedy.Regarding Harrington’s outstanding performance, head coach Prada said that he had already proved himself in the NBA, and his personal ability and professional qualities have not been said.(Haidu reporter Zhuang Yiye)

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