Why did children suddenly refuse independence

Why did children suddenly refuse independence

Your child could have worn clothes and shoes by himself, but in recent days, he has suddenly and abnormally refused to do what he can do.

Anything you patiently encourage her: “Mom believes you can do it yourself.

“I still strongly ordered her:” You are an older child and you have to do it yourself.

She shook her head in disapproval.

Why is the task that can be completed by itself turned into an unwilling task?

  If you analyze it carefully, it is not difficult to find that there are some reasons for the sudden change of children.

  She may not want to do something wrong with your child, and she is able to do more than when she was younger.

She began to realize that it would be shameful to do the wrong thing.

As a result, she started to become extra sensitive, afraid to do something wrong in front of you, which would make her feel shameless.

So, do more and make more mistakes.

In her opinion, such a simple truth.

  So, if you find your child is nervous, don’t ask him too much.

It’s good for you to make a certain setback.

If at that moment, he really can’t complete a certain task independently, help him, and at the same time, show that you have confidence in him and continue to encourage him to try it himself.

  She may be in an unfamiliar scene, even if it is the same activity, the same thing has different meanings in different scenes.

The child may be able to recite a poem very skillfully at home, but he can’t say anything in front of a new teacher.

The impact of environmental factors on children is already great.

Give him some time to get acquainted, get used to the new environment gradually, and then encourage him to try.

Help your child focus on the things at hand instead of focusing on the things around him.

  She is worried that you will no longer take care of her child. This is how he thinks: once he grows up and is able to do things by himself, then mom and dad worry that they care less.

Or, even if they can’t do it themselves, their parents won’t help him do it.

Because independence means doing everything by yourself.

  Some children, as they get older, behave retrogressively, for some reason because of psychological threats.

They hope that they will always be children and never grow up, so that mom and dad will always love and care for themselves as much as baby.

Especially when there are younger children in the family than they are, they will be more convinced of this idea at home.

Tell your child that you will always care and support him and help him when he needs help.

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