Caddy assist Tottenham, Mourinho stepped forward with high-five hug

Caddy “assist” Tottenham, Mourinho stepped forward with high-five hug
The caddie reacted quickly, and Tottenham could quickly shoot out the ball.Mourinho deliberately went to high-five with the caddie and hug.This morning, Group B of the Champions League group stage started a fierce scale. Tottenham faced Olympiacos at home. Under 0-2, Tottenham finally completed a 4-2 reversal show.After this campaign, Tottenham scored 10 points to lock the team’s second advancement.Among them, a small caddie credited the home team with equalizing the score.In the 49th minute of the game, Tottenham still trailed 1-2. Then in a quick throw-in, Lucas assisted Kane to break the goal and Tottenham equalized 2-2.It is worth mentioning that this quick start originated from the active home caddie. After scoring, Mourinho went to the caddie to give a high-five and hug.”I like smart caddies, just like me before.Today’s caddie is very smart. He read the game, understood the game, and sent an important assist.Mourinho praised after the game, “This is a very important moment for him (small caddie), he will never forget.”In the end, Tottenham took control of the victory to the end and locked the group second place to qualify.”The game is very difficult, Olympiacos is an excellent team, well organized, and they impact our confidence.The players are under tremendous pressure. It was difficult during that time. Compared to the guidance of substitutions and tactics, I told them to be calm, remain confident, and believe in themselves.Now that we have advanced to the knockout, this is the most important thing for the club to the players and the fans.”Mourinho said.

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