This thing is the three tricks of submarine milk to tell you whether it is fresh or not

This thing is the three tricks of submarine milk to tell you whether it is fresh or not

Summer is the season for eating oysters. Oysters are known as “undersea milk” because of their rich nutrition. Especially, barbecue oysters and stalls at night markets have grilled oysters.

So, do you know how to tell whether raw oysters are fresh or not?

Here’s a look at the tricks to tell if oysters are fresh.

. the method of distinguishing fresh oysters The benefits of oysters The oyster meat is rich in protein and has a delicious taste, known as “undersea milk”.

Zinc content is as high as 71 per 100 grams of oysters.

2 mg is the true king of zinc.

  In addition, it also contains vitamins and minerals, but the trace content is very low.

  In addition, oysters contain some glycerol substances, which can help strengthen the body’s immune function and help prevent various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Some grilled oysters are assembled at the night market. The grilled oysters must be ordered at almost every table. Garlic, tartar sauce, hot sauce, and many ways to eat.

But many people only focus on taste and ignore freshness.

Under normal circumstances, if it is fresh oysters, the meat is attached to the shell after grilling, and it is difficult to separate. However, the meat and shells of many roasted oysters in the night market are not connected at all.Separate with a single click, in which case the possibility is to grill the “assembled” oysters.

  It is customary for many stalls to recycle the oyster shells that have been eaten. When making oysters, chilled or dead oyster meat is roasted in the shells and then sold to consumers. It is also known as “assembly seafood”.

If the frozen fresh oysters are cooked immediately after thawing, the taste is not as good as that of fresh oysters, and it does not have much impact on health and food safety.Contaminated by microorganisms.

And everyone knows that eating contaminated or dead seafood may cause microbial poisoning, causing symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

  What to do at home?

  If you want to eat, still make your own safe nutrition.

Choose fresh oysters without openings. If they are open, touch the shell carefully. If it shrinks, it is also alive.

  Soak the oysters in fresh brine (5 grams of salt in about 1,000 grams of water) for two hours to let the spit out of the gas phase.

  Then clean the mud and sand on the shell, pry it open with a hard knife, wash it, put the fried garlic, and bake it in the oven 2?
In 3 minutes, the delicious roasted oysters with garlic can be cooked.

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